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Policy Statement - 84-04 Food Service Systems Administration, Certificate Program in

This following policy was recommended by the 
Academic Senate in its meeting of May 10,  1984, 
and received the concurrence of the President on 
June 1, 1984.


The Certificate program in Food Service Systems Administration is designed to provide those students pursuing the bachelor's degree in Dietetics and Food Administration, Business Administration, and other related fields with additional background in food service management, increasing their expertise at the management entry level.  The program is appropriate for a variety of applications, including food service in restaurants, catering, hospitals, public schools, industrial food service, hotels and motels, airlines, and in governmental regulatory agencies.

The Certificate may be earned concurrently with a CSULB bachelor's degree or subsequent to obtaining the baccalaureate.  Some courses taken to meet the requirements of the Certificate may also satisfy other University requirements, where applicable, but not the requirements of the major.  For additional information or to apply to the program, students should contact the Director of the Program in the Department of Home Economics.

Required Preparation

A.    A bachelor's degree in dietetics/food administration, business administration, or other related fields.

B.    Satisfactory completion of the following courses:

1.    Nutrition:    Home Economics 232;

2.    Food Preparation and Service:    Home Economics 235, 333

3.    Food Service Management:    Home Economics 334, 335, 337, 400, 434;

4.    Business Administration:    Accounting 210, Human Resources Management 361, 362, 440, Management 300 or 303, Marketing 300, Quantitative Systems 240;

5.    Related Fields:    Chemistry 200 and 300, Economics  300.

C.    Maintain a grade point average of 2.5 in the courses of the program and overall.

D.    Consultation with and certification of successful completion by the Director of the Program in the Department of Home Economics.

Courses taken under the CR/NC grading option may not be applied to this Certificate program.

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1984