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Policy Statement - 83-03 Technical & Professional Writing, Certificate Program in


 The Department of English offers the Certificate in Technical and Professional Writing to those students interested in pursuing careers in writing and editing.  The application form for the Certificate Program may be obtained from the English Department Office.

Prerequisites for the Certificate Program

1.    Consultation with an advisor in the Certificate Program Committee.

2.    Upper-division or postbaccalaureate standing in the University with a grade point average of at least 2.75 overall.

3.    Admission to a degree program in this University or possession of a degree from this or another accredited university.

4.    Successful completion of English 317, Technical Writing, at this University with a letter grade of "C" or higher.

General Requirements for the Certificate in Technical and Professional Writing

1.    Baccalaureate degree which may be taken concurrently with Certificate in Technical and Professional Writing.

2.    A minimum of 24 units in courses approved for the Certificate Program at this University.  A grade of "C" or higher is required for every course in the Certificate Program.  One course may be taken Credit/No Credit.

3.    Completion of a program of courses in Areas I through IV developed in consultation with a  member of the Certificate Program Committee and approved by the Committee.

4.    Development of a portfolio of reports written and edited by the student during enrollment in the Certificate Program for review and approval of the Committee.  (See Area IV, Course Requirements)

Course Requirements

Area I        Report Forms (6 units)

English 417 - Proposal Writing 
English 418 - Manual Writing 
English 419 - Writing in Science and Technology Area II        Language Studies A.    3-4 units from: English 320 - English Grammar 
English 325 - Models of English Grammar 
English 421 - Structure of Modern English, Morphology and Syntax 
English 423 - Semantics B.    3 units from: Computer Studies 280 
Quantitative Systems 240, 242, and 243 Area III        Exposition, Language, and Graphic Applications (9 units) A.    Applied Arts: Industrial Education 341, 342, and 352 
Industrial Technology 300 B.    Business: Management 426 
Marketing 320 and 330 
Quantitative Systems 402 C.    Education: Instructional Media 300 and 441 D.    Engineering: Civil Engineering 305 
Mechanical Engineering 172 E.    Fine Arts: Art 307 and 309 
Theatre Art 380 F.    Humanities English 283 - Science Fiction 
English 427 - Computers and Language Instruction 
English 498 - Science and Literature 
Speech 344 
Creative Writing - one course 
Literature - one upper-division course G.    Interdisciplinary Studies 376

H.    Natural Sciences"

Biology 364 and 365 I.    Social Sciences: anthropology 413 
Asian American Studies 320 
Psychology 438 
Sociology 485 Area IV        Practical Writing (3-6 units) A.    English 491 ( 1 or more units) - Applied Technical Writing

B.    English 492 A or B (2 or more units) - Internship in Technical and Professional Writing and Editing (A grade will not be assigned until portfolio is turned in.  See Paragraph 4, General Requirements.)

EFFECTIVE:    Immediately