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Policy Statement - 82-04 Italian, Minor in

The following policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of December 3, 1981, approved by the President on December 18, 1981, and approval granted by the Chancellor's Office on April 20, 1982 is as follows: 


Minor in Italian

The Minor in Italian provides academic recognition to students who have completed a basic course of studies and have achieved competence in the Italian language.

Requirements for the Minor in Italian

A minimum of twenty (20) units, including all of the following:

Prerequisite:            (Italian 101A-B) -- Fundamentals of Italian (4, 4) 
Lower Division        Italian 201A-B   -- Intermediate Italian (4,4) 
                               Italian 214          -- Beginning Conversation (3)

Upper Division        Italian 312          -- Advanced Italian I (3) 
                               Italian 313          -- Advanced Italian II (3) 
                               Italian 314          -- Advanced Italian III (3) 

EFFECTIVE:  Fall 1982