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Policy Statement - 78-34 Facilities Operations, Certificate in


The following policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of February 9, 1978, and approved by the President on May 26, 1978, is as follows:

The Certificate Program in Facilities Operations is designed to qualify the graduate to serve in plant engineering, industrial construction coordination, facilities development and design, plant layout, and facilities project management. Examples of the myriad positions available to the graduate of this program are facilities planner, construction supervisor, facilities or plant supervisor, facilities project engineer, and facilities design engineer.

This program provides the Industrial Technology graduate with a depth of technical knowledge in facilities-operations oriented technical courses, as well as the knowledge of behavioral sciences essential for managing technical functions.

Requirements for the Certificate in Facilities Operations:

1. The Certificate in Facilities Operations may be earned concurrently with or subsequent to the baccalaureate degree.

2. This program is open to all majors who have fulfilled the required prerequisites as stated in Item 3a.

3. The program requires a total of 24 units as specified in Items 3b and 3c.

(a) The completion of supporting technical courses chosen in consultation with an advisor: I.T. 323, Physics, Chemistry, Algebra and Trigonometry, Accounting, Construction Drafting, and Lower Division construction requirements.

(b) The following 21 units of Facilities-Operations-oriented courses are required: I.T. 306, 307, 321, 322, 402, 403, and 405.

(c) Completion of three units of either Criminal Justice 431, Finance 302, or Finance 342.

4. Any deviation from this program requires the written permission of the program advisor.

Effective: Immediately