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Policy Statement - 78-24 Gerontology, Certificate Program in


The following policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of March 9, 1978, and approved by the President on March 30, 1978, is as follows:


Gerontology is the scientific study of the processes and phenomena of aging which includes biological, psychological and sociological dimensions. Resources from many departments of the University will focus upon education and training programs at the
baccalaureate, graduate, and continuing education levels. Purpose of the multidisciplinary program is to train individuals as specialists in gerontology within a major area of study to serve in community programs, health service organizations, governmental agencies, and private programs in gerontology.

Areas currently offering courses in gerontology are Anthropology, Communicative Disorders, Educational Psychology, Finance, Health Care Administration, Health Science, Home Economics, Marketing, Nursing, Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation, Social Welfare, and Sociology.

The Certificate in Gerontology may be earned in conjunction with a baccalaureate or master's degree. Courses offered for the certificate may be the same ones used to satisfy, where applicable, major, minor, or credential requirements.
Requirements for the Certificate in Gerontology:

1. A bachelor's or master's degree.
2. 24 units distributed as follows:
a. Required Courses (12 units)
Sociology 464, Sociology of Aging (3)
Psychology 365, Psychology of Adult Development and Aging (3)
or Human Development 357, Adulthood and Aging (3)
Biology 401, Biology of Human Aging (3)
Gerontology 400, Perspectives in Gerontology (3)
b. A minimum of 6 units chosen in consultation with the Coordinator from a list of supporting courses
c. Independent study on a topic related to gerontology (3)
d. Approved field experience in adult service setting (3)
3. Consultation and approval of the program with the Coordinator for Gerontology.
Certification of successful completion of the Certificate in Gerontology will be recommended by the Coordinator.
Interested students should apply to Dr. Dorothy Fornia, School of Applied Arts and Sciences, PE 326.

DEG:bjp 4/17/78