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Policy Statement - 77-07 Dance for B.A. Degree, Proposal for Major in

NUMBER: 77-07
FILE: Degree

SUBJECT: Proposal For Major in Dance For The Bachelor of Arts Degree

The following policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of May 2, 1975, and approved by the President on May 23, 1975, is as follows:

The dance major culminating in a Bachelor of Arts Degree at California State University, Long Beach is an in-depth program of studies with varied courses in the areas of technique, composition and performance. The program stresses a strong general training in dance. It provides students with the basic training for further study toward a M.A. degree with specialization within the many fields of dance and/or teaching, performing, and choreographing.

Dance majors and minors are strongly encouraged to enroll in courses in the Department of Art, Music and Theatre Arts in order to broaden their knowledge of other art forms. Since a student may choose one of many directions to pursue a dance major, courses in other departments throughout the University are encouraged both to open near areas to the student and to better prepare for a particular career.

Major in Dance for the Bachelor of Arts Degree

Lower Division: Dance 112A, B, 212A, B, 114A, 220A. Select one course from Theatre Arts 242, 246 or 348.
Upper Division: Dance 320A, 331, 350A, 441, 488, and a minimum of two units selected from Dance 180A, B, 380A, B. Select 10 additional units from Dance offerings with consultation of advisor.

Effective: January 1, 1977