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Policy Statement - 77-06 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program (Post-baccalaureate Level), Proposal for

NUMBER: 77-06
FILE: Certificate

SUBJECT: Proposal For Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program (post-baccalaureate level)

The following policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of March 25, 1976, and approved by the President on April 14, 1976, is as follows:



The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program has received graduate council approval as a clinical option with the Department of Nursing's Master of Science Degree. There are, in addition to the department's graduate students, some nurses who wish to complete only the segment of the program which is clinical in nature. Many of these nurses who wish to pursue this route already possess a graduate degree in nursing and only seek certification as a pediatric nurse practitioner. Due to developing practice and legal criteria, it is to the student's advantage to have completed a program leading to a certificate as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner that is approved at the University level. The clinical segment of the Master of Science Degree in Nursing is the same as the certificate program for which approval is sought.

Program Description

The program consists of a one-year course of study for the preparation of a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. It includes two courses of part-time evening study and two courses of full-time learning followed by five (5) weeks of preceptorship in a health care delivery agency. The first portion of the program focuses upon assessment and evaluation of the health and health care problems of children, while the latter portion focuses upon the management of common pediatric problems.

Program Support

The program is a cooperative effort offered by the Department of Nursing, California State University, Long Beach, and the Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, University of California at Irvine. The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program is a federally funded project through the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (Grant No. 09D-000740-01-0 NUDIO) and has been listed by the American Academy of Pediatrics as an appropriate certificate program for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners.

Course Description (s)

"Exploration of clinical nursing problems to be conducted in each of three areas of specialization (pediatrics), focusing upon the nursing process, development of nursing and assessment and management."*

N-681 - Clinical Studies in Nursing (1-1)
"Must be taken concurrently with practicum preparation for extended nursing roles, mandatory enrollment in course for two consecutive semesters. Group discussions to identify and understand the collaborative role of the nurse practitioner."*

University of California at Irvine courses:

Extended Nursing Roles (9) - Nursing 680 - CSULB
"Primarily medical science content directed toward the clinical area of interest (pediatrics). Approved medical preceptors required for each student for practicum."*

*Description of courses already approved April 14, 1975.

Effective: September 1, 1977