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Policy Statement - 75-03 Public Health, Master of

NUMBER: 75-03
REFERENCE: Master's Degree

SUBJECT: Master of Public Health

The following recommendation re: Master of Public Health has been approved for California State University, Long Beach to offer the degree of Master of Public Health with options in Medical Laboratory Supervisor and Nurse Epidemiologist.

The Master of Public Health degree is designed for professionals who have already had experience within a health-related field. It is designed to be completed in twelve months of full time study. There is a core curriculum and two options. Field experience and a comprehensive examination, rather than a thesis are required. The program has few elective courses.

Option I - Medical Laboratory Director - This option provides advanced instruction necessary r laboratory personnel to advance to senior laboratory and supervisory positions.

Option II - Nurse Epidemiologist - This option provides advanced instruction for baccalaureate degree nurses who wish to be practicing epidemiologists in hospital and related environments.

Criteria for admission to the program are: (1) a baccalaureate degree in nursing for nurse epidemiology option; and a baccalaureate degree in biological science with medical laboratory emphasis for medical laboratory director option; (2) minimum GPA of 2.5; (3) three letters of recommendation; and (4) two years of professional experience.
Advancement to Candidacy
Criteria for continuation in the program are academically acceptable performance, satisfactory progress in the field experience, and a final comprehensive examination after course work and field experience are completed.

Requirements for the Degree
Total number of units for the degree -- 30 units.

All students must take the following core curriculum:

Health Care Management 500 Public Health Principles 3 units and Practices
Biology 562 Biometry 3 units
Electrical Engineering 407 Biomedical Engineering II 3 units
(Computer Medicine)
Microbiology 361 Control of Disease 3 units Patterns in Communities
Psychology 374 Psychology of Disability 3 units
Core Total 15 units

For Option I, Medical Laboratory Director, the following courses are required:

Microbiology 526 Biochemical Diagnostic 3 units Procedures in Microbiology
Microbiology 546 Clinical Interpretation of 4 units Laboratory Data, and Quality
Control Procedures
Microbiology 693 Supervised Independent Study 1-4 units Microbiology 696 Field Experience in Medical 2-4 units
Laboratory Supervision
Total 10-15 units

For Option II, Nurse Epidemiologist, the following courses are required:

Microbiology 425 Public Health and Diagnostic 2 units
Procedures; Lecture 2 hours
Microbiology 427 Public Health and Diagnostic 2 units Procedures laboratory
Microbiology 693 Supervised Independent Study 2-4 units
Microbiology 696 Field Experience in Epidemiology 2-4 units
Total 8-12 units

For both degree options a student who wishes to demonstrate prior competence in either a core or option requirement may be permitted to substitute a course(s) in the same or a related area with the approval of both the student's faculty advisor and an instructor of the specific course(s) in which the student seeks to demonstrate his prior competence. Elective courses for the two options may be selected from upper division or graduate courses in microbiology, biology, chemistry, psychology, or business administration, in consultation with the faculty advisor and the advisory committee, to complete the total of thirty units required for the degree.

Effective date: Immediately