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Policy Statement - 74-02 English, Special Option in

NUMBER: 74-2

SUBJECT: Special Option in English

The opportunity to pursue individually designed 41-unit programs of study is provided for students who wish a major in English but who have special interests or career objectives so different from those for which the other options are designed that their personal educational needs would be better served by some other pattern of courses. A student desiring to take the Special Option should present a detailed program proposal as early in his college career as possible. Such programs will be recognized only if planned in consultation with an English Department faculty adviser, approved by him (and the Department Chairman) in writing, and carried out under his continuing supervision. A student must complete at least 15 upper division units applicable to his Special Option program, distributed over at least two semesters, after the program has been officially approved. The only specific course requirements and limitations are as follows:

English 184, Composition and Literature (4 units)
Electives to make up a total of 41 units, at least 24 units being upper division. These electives may not include English 100 or 101.

Effective upon publication of the 1974-75 General Bulletin.
March 4, 1974