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Policy Statement - 03-14 Asian American Studies, Bachelor of Arts Degree in

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Asian American Studies (code A/STBA04)

This new degree was recommended by the Academic Senate on October 3, 2002, accproved by the President on October 30, 2002 and 
approved by the Chancellor's Office on September 8, 2003

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian American Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to explore the diverse history, cultures, communities, and contemporary realities in Asian America.  It is designed to offer students an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the complexities of Asian American experiences and to prepare them to function in a multiethnic society and multicultural world.  The communication and critical analysis skills which are stressed in the program will be instrumental to students pursuing postbaccalaureate degrees in "traditional" disciplines, including History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, and Literature; in interdisciplinary programs like Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies; and 
in professional fields such as Law, Business Administration, and Social Work.  The program's curriculum and broad liberal arts perspectives likewise will prepare students for employment in several professions, including education, public policy, community development, media, social services, and human resources. Admission to the program requires completion of the G.E. Foundation courses.


A Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian American Studies will require a minimum of 40 units, with at least 18 units earned in residence at CSULB.

40 required units consist of: 
6 units of lower-division core courses

3 units of lower-division elective

16 units of upper-division core courses

15 units of upper-division electives in the following areas: 
Specific Ethnic Group Focus (3 units) 
Gender Studies (3 units) 
Asian Americans in Comparative Perspectives (3 units) 
Explorations in Asian America (3 units) 
Asian American Studies-Related Courses (3 units) 
Lower-Division Core Courses (6 units): ASAM 220, 221.

Lower-Division Elective (3 units): 
To be selected from the following: 
ASAM 200, 260, 290, 299

Upper-Division Core Courses (16 units): 
A/ST 300I OR 301I; ASAM 305, 345, 346, 495

Upper-Division Electives (15 units): 
To be selected from the following areas:

Specific Ethnic Group Focus (Select 3 units): ASAM 330, 331, 332, 333, 334, 352 
Gender Studies (Select 3 units): ASAM 340, 370, 381 
Asian Americans in Comparative Perspectives (Select 3 units): ASAM 319, 335I, 403; W/ST 318I 
Explorations in Asian America (Select 3 units): ASAM 310, 347, 360, 380, 410, 490, 499 
Asian American Studies-Related Courses (Select 3 units): ANTH 329, 419, ANTH/W/ST 475/LING 470; ART 330I; CHLS 421; COMM 330; C/LT 415I; ENGL 375; HIST 469, 473; LING 472; POSC 323; PSY 375; SW 350, 481I; SOC 346; 
W/ST 432

EFFECTIVE: Fall 2003 
Code:  A/STBA04 
College:  28 
Career:  UG 
IPEDS (Major) ERSS:  22996 
IPEDS (Degree) ERSD:  22996