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Policy Statement - 02-16 Education, Master of Arts in, School Librarianship Option

Master of Arts in Education

School Librarianship Option (code 5-3152)

This new option was recommended by the Academic Senate on October 3, 2002 and approved by the President on October 30, 2002.     Library media teachers implement school library media programs through teaching, information access and delivery, and program administration. The Library Media Teacher Services Credential prepares students to serve in K-12 settings; for additional information go to The Master's degree option in School Librarianship provides a rigorous academic foundation for professional leadership in school librarianship. Because the Master of Arts degree option incorporates work towards the credential, students may pursue their credential and degree simultaneously.

Program Admission

    A current valid basic teaching credential (multiple subject, single subject, or special education) and completion of a bachelor's degree; passage of CBEST.

Clear Admission

1.  Meet University admission requirements; 
2.  Copies of transcripts verifying a GPA of 3.0 or higher on the last 30 semester units of course work taken; 
3.  Three letters of recommendation; 
4.  A written personal statement describing your educational and experiential background, and professional goals; accompanying resume; 
5.  Screening interview.

Advancement to Candidacy

1.  Pass the Writing Proficiency Examination (WPE). 
2.  Maintain a 3.0 GPA from the time of admittance to the program. 
3.  Complete at least six units in the approved program.

Program Requirements 
    A minimum of 40 units is required, with at least 24 in the 500/600 level series taken at this University.  Students may choose either the comprehensive examination track or the thesis track, in consultation with the advisor.

Core Requirements

1.   The following (3 units): LI 500 
2.   The following (21 units): LI 510, 520, 530A, 530B, 540, 550, 570 
3.   The following (6 units): EDEL/SE530 (or equivalent), EDP 677 (or equivalent) 
4.   The following (3 units): EDP 520 
5.   The following (4 units): LI 580 
6.   One of the following chosen in consultation with the faculty advisor upon advancement to candidacy:

A.  Comprehensive examination and research paper: EDP 697 (3 units); or 
B.  EDP 698 Thesis (6 units)


EFFECTIVE: Spring 2003 

Code:  5-3152 
College:  50 
Career:  GR 
IPEDS (Major) ERSS:  08011 
IPEDS (Degree) ERSD: 08011