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Policy Statement - 02-05 Kinesiology, Bachelor of Science in, Option in Fitness

 Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology 
Option in Fitness (code 3-1247) (132 units) 

          This new option was recommended by the Academic Senate on December 6, 2001 and  approved by the President on January 9, 2002.

         This Option is designed for students interested in careers in the fitness industry,  e.g. fitness director, manager, program specialist, coordinators, personal trainer, or group instructors in corporate, commercial, YMCA, or other public/private facility.

         Core Courses: BIOL 207, 208; KPE 300, 301, 312.

         Lower Division: FCS 132; PSY 100; KPE 215, 263, and eight physical activity units distributed over a minimum of two activity categories:

              Aquatics: KPE 125A, 125B, 237, 238; 
              Combatives: KPE106A, 148A, 149A; 
              Dance: KPE 181A, 185, 260; 
              Fitness: KPE 142, 151A, 152A, 198A; 
              Individual/Dual Sports: KPE 100A, 100B, 112A, 112B, 171A, 264, 
              265, 266, 267; 
              Wilderness Studies: KPE 242, 244, 246A, 247A; 
              Team Sports: KPE 250, 253, 255, 257.

         In addition to the physical fitness proficiency, each Fitness Major is required to demonstrate physical skill proficiency at a 3.5 (1-5 scale) overall average level in  the personal performance activity courses required in the Option prior to graduation. Physical skill proficiency examinations are administered in the appropriate personal performance activity courses. Only physical skill proficiency scores in the range of a 2.0-5.0 are recorded and computed to determine the student's physical skill proficiency overall average.

         Upper Division: HSC 435; KPE 332I or 335, 339I, 363, 364, 367, 368, 405, 467, 469, 483, 489D.

         Elective Courses: Select twelve units from the following courses: FCS 433, 439; HSC 421, 423, 429; KPE 307, 309, 315, 332I*, 335*, 462, 465, 495, REC 421, 423, 425, 427.

         * If not taken as one of the major required upper division courses.

         A fieldwork, field experience, or internship requires current certification First Aid (ARC Standard, Community, EMT or equivalent) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (ARC Community, Professional Rescuer, AHA Level B, Level C or equivalent) prior to enrollment. 

Effective: Fall 2002

         Code: 3-1247 
         College: 15 
         Career: UG 
         IPEDS (Major) ERSS: 08351 
         IPEDS (Degree) ERSD: 08351 
         The BA in Kinesiology, Option in Fitness (code 2-1241) is discontinued and closed to all new students.