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Policy Statement - 01-12 Middle Eastern Studies, Minor in

Minor in Middle Eastern Studies (code 0-8529)

This new minor was recommended by the Academic Senate on May 3, 2001 
and approved by the President on June 14, 2001.

The Middle Eastern Studies minor encourages undergraduate students to acquire a broad and interconnected understanding of the dynamics of Middle Eastern societies, cultures, and histories by taking courses in a variety of disciplines including History, Arabic language, Political Science, Geography, Art History, International Business, and Religious Studies. Students will expand their understanding of the major issues, themes, and concepts associated with the complex and diverse region known as the Middle East.


A minimum of 18 units.


Minimum twelve (12) units: At least three (3) units must be in History and a least three (3) units of Arabic (when that language becomes available). HIST 431/531, HIST 432/532, R/ST 331I, and POSC 367.

Elective Requirements

Students must take a minimum of six (6) additional units, selected with an advisor, from the following disciplines, without repeating courses from the core: AH 465/565, C/LT 235, FREN 490, GEOG 309I, HIST 394, HIST 431/531, HIST 432/532, HIST 490, POSC 367, and R/ST 331I.

Three (3) of these units may be taken from the following courses, which have a global and comparative perspective, without repeating courses from core: CBA 300, W/ST 401I, FCS 410, R/ST 102, and HIST 495.

         EFFECTIVE: Fall 2001 
Code: 0-8529 
         College: 28 
         Career: UG