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Policy Statement - 00-12 Entrepreneurship, Minor in

Minor in Entrepreneurship (code 0-2746)

This new minor was recommended by the Academic Senate on April 13, 2000 
and approved by the President on May 15, 2000.

The Minor in Entrepreneurship provides students with the opportunity to learn how to start businesses and other kinds of organizations. For example, in engineering and the natural sciences, many students ultimately gain access to technologies that serve as the basis for technology-intensive new ventures. Students in the arts (industrial design, dance, theater, film, art, creative writing, etc.)  may find that existing outlets for their work are insufficient, and they choose to establish new and innovative ones (community theaters, dance companies, alternative forms of art galleries, etc.). Students in health and human services frequently have the opportunity to start new organizations that deliver various kinds of services, many of them not-for-profit. Graduates of several of the social science programs routinely establish their own practices.

The Minor in Entrepreneurship is designed to reduce systematic startup risk and increase the rates of success for those who choose to start new businesses and other kinds of organizations.


The program consists of eighteen units including: MGMT 300, 421. And four courses from the following: ACCT 201; CBA 300; FIN 220, 340, 362, 495; HRM 360; I S 240, 355, 380, 445, 455, 483, 484; MKTG 300, 330, 492, 310, 410, 430, 465, 480, 490, 495, MGMT495 (two topics).


Code: 0-2746 
College: 41 
Career: UG 
PS 00-12