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Policy Statement - 00-10 Audiology, Bachelor of Science in

Bachelor of Science in Audiology (code 3-6862)

This new program was recommended by the Academic Senate on February 18, 1999, 
approved by the President on March 23, 1999 and approved by the Chancellor 
on March 3, 2000.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Audiology is designed primarily for students who intend to pursue careers in audiology by seeking a Master's Degree in audiology, a professional Doctor in Audiology (Au.D.), or a research doctor in audiology (Ph.D.). This degree requires 97-107 units of coursework in the major, of which 39 units are in the Department of Communicative Disorders and 58-68 units are in related areas. The coursework will provide students with a broad-based undergraduate education with emphasis in the physical and behavioral sciences. A firm foundation in science will allow students to understand and apply the professional material presented in a curriculum designed to prepare audiologists. This program also will provide students with a rich, multidimensional course of studies which will serve as a foundation for life-long learning, enlightened citizenship, and a wide range of academic and career opportunities. Graduating students may be employed in entry level positions in a number of industries, including pharmaceutical, biochemical, medical, health care, and health insurance. Moreover, although additional coursework may be required, graduating students may apply to professional/graduate programs in speech-language pathology, psychology, elementary or secondary education, deaf/hard-of-hearing education, medicine, business, nursing, physical therapy, optometry, health care management, or pharmacy.

Students completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Audiology must take the following courses: 

  • A. Communicative Disorders (39 units) CD 261, 271, 280, 281, CD 329, 330, 373, 431/531, 432/532, 440, 481A/581A, 481B/581B, and 3 Units of 499
  • B. Biological Sciences (10-12 units chosen from the following) either A/P 107 or 207, 206, 208, BIOL 211A, 211B, MICR 200
  • C. Chemistry (6-10 units chosen from the following) CHEM 202 and 302, or CHEM 111A and 111B
  • D. English (3 units chosen from the following) ENGL 101, 200, or 317 E. Mathematics (6-8 units chosen from the following) MATH 119A and 119B, or 122 and 123
  • F. Statistics (4 units) PSY 210
  • G. Physics (8-10 units chosen from the following) PHYS 100A or 101A, 100B or 101B, 151 or 151P, 152 or 152P
  • H. Psychology/Human Development (15 units chosen from the following) PSY 100 and four courses from the following: PSY 200, 241, 331, 315, 341, 342, 361, 365, 370, 438/538, GERN 400I, H/SC 427
  • I. Culture and Communication (3 units chosen from the following) ANTH 413/LING 413, ANTH 412I, or COMM 330
  • J. Economics (3 units) ECON 300


Code: 3-6862 
College: 15 
Career: UG 
IPEDS (Major) ERSS: 12202 
IPEDS (Degree) ERSD: 12202