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Policy Statement - 00-05 Business Economics, Bachelor of Arts in

Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics (code 2-8512)

This new program was recommended by the Academic Senate on February 18, 1999, approved by the President onMarch 23, 1999 and approved by the Chancellor on January 5, 2000.

The bachelor of arts degree with a major in business economics provides students with the tools of economic analysis and their application in a business environment. The business economics major prepares students for careers in the private or public sector. Students completing this major will have a solid foundation in microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory, and quantitative methods. They will have also completed courses in international economics and business administration. The bachelors degree in business economics is excellent
preparation for graduate study in economics, business administration, public administration, and law.


Lower Division Requirements: ECON 100, 101, ACCT 201, and either MATH 115 or MATH 122. Students with upper division status declaring economics as a major may substitute ECON 300 for ECON 100 and 101 with departmental consent.

Upper Division Requirements: ECON 310, 311, and 380, and six additional upper division courses of which at least two must be at the 400 level. At least three courses must be selected from Group A; at least one course must be
selected from Group B; and, at least one course from Group C. The remaining elective may be selected from Group A, B, or C, or any other upper division course in economics except ECON 300, 308, 309I, 495, and 499.

Group A: Business Economics and Quantitative Economics (select at least three courses): ECON 320, 333, 355, 403, 420, 422, 430, 432, 433, 434, 441, 463, 481,486.

Group B. International Economics (select at least one course): ECON 361I, 365, 368, 369, 370, 372, 465, 472.

Group C. Business Administration (select at least one course): ACCT 310, CBA 300, FIN 324, FIN 362, HRM 360, MGMT 300, MKTG 300.

EFFECTIVE: Spring 2000

Code: 2-8512
College: 15
Career: UG
IPEDS (Major) ERSS: 05171
IPEDS (Degree) ERSD: 05171
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