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Prerequisite Advising Support Services (PASS)

Prerequisite Advising Support Services (PASS)

In preparation for your SOAR session as a new Fall 2019 student to CSULB, and ensure the most accurate placement for your fall semester, the Directed Self-Placement or DSP assessment will provide you with a series of questions to determine what English courses you should take in the fall. If you received the notification regarding DSP, please complete the Directed Self-Placement Survey. Once completed, you will receive the results informing you what courses you should plan to complete in the fall.

Make sure to complete the survey before you attend SOAR this summer so you may review your results with your SOAR advisor.

Welcome to Prerequisite Advising & Support Services (PASS)! Our office provides support to freshmen who are required to complete GE Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning with a Co-requisite Support Course, as well as Written Communication (Composition I & II) and ALI courses (ALI 145 & 150).

Contact our office if:

  • You have questions about your Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning and Written Communication course placement
  • You are struggling in your Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning, Written Communication, and/or ALI courses