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Staff Directory

Executive Management

Robert de Wit
General Manager/CEO

Clint Campbell
Contract Administrator / Facilities Manager

Melissa Devan
Director of Dining Services

Alfredo Macias
Director of Residential Dining

Jared Ceja
Director of Bookstore Services

Rosa Hernandez-Henderson
Director of Human Resources
Director of Marketing & Communications

Bookstore Management

Cyndi Farrington
Sr. Manager, Bookstore Operations & ID Card Services

Rochelle McCoy
Manager, Course Materials

Kristin Bonetati
Manager, Beach Shop

Scott Vandygrift
Manager, BeachTech & Supplies

Owen Ellis
Manager, Customer Service

Chris Ramirez
Manager, University Print Services

Jason Eisenmann
Manager, Warehouse

Dining Management

Residential Dining Services

Jenny Lew
Senior Manager, Parkside Dining & Central Park Coffee House

Manuel Gil
Manager, Hillside Dining Hall & Ground Floor Coffee House

Nouman Khawaja
Manager, Beachside Dining Hall

Concessions Services

Josie Ramirez
Manager, Event Services

Catering Services

Becky Drouin
Manager, Beach Catering

Convenience Stores

Patrick Joyce
Manager, Convenience Stores

Retail Dining Services

Miguel Alcantara
Administrative Support & Receiver

Becky Drouin
Manager, Chartroom

Margie Ramirez
Manager, Outpost

Mark Devalt
Manager, Nugget Grill & Pub

Susie Uriarte
Manager, Beach Walk

Jordana Welti
Manager, OPA! Greek

Betsy Harlan
Manager, Starbucks
University Library & University Dining Plaza