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College of Liberal Arts
2006-07 Roadmaps

Frequently Asked Questions about Undergraduate Degree Roadmaps

For most undergraduate majors, the on-line Catalog shows plans for scheduling all required courses to complete the degree in four, five, or six years.

While CSULB will make every effort to schedule classes at the times shown in the plans, we cannot guarantee that courses will be available in specific semesters.  It is possible that shortage or budget or of personnel will make it impossible to offer as many classes as we would wish.

The plans are not substitutes for working with an advisor.  You are strongly encouraged to see an advisor when planning your program each term.

I am a freshman.  Do I have to choose now whether to follow the four, five, or six-year plan?

No.  Most freshmen take 12-15 units.  You need at least 12 units to receive full financial aid.  With experience, you will be able to judge how heavy a load you find comfortable.  This will depend on your outside obligations, such as a job, and on your personal circumstances.  In theory, each unit requires three hours a week, including preparing for class, attending class, and completing assignments.  Use these guidelines to budget your time and plan an appropriate schedule.. 

Must I take the courses in the semesters shown on the plan?

The plan shows one possible way of completing all requirements for the degree.  Consult your advisor about whether it is essential to take a given course in the semester shown.  There are some rules to keep in mind:

(1) You can take the General Education Foundation courses (Composition, Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, Mathematics) in any semester in the first 36 units of baccalaureate-level course work completed at CSULB. 

(2) You cannot take upper division courses until you have completed at least 30 units.  (Exceptions can be made for students who already have completed advanced study in the subject.)  You cannot take General Education Capstone courses until you have completed at least 60 units.

(3) For some majors it is essential to complete courses in the correct sequence.  You cannot take a more advanced course until you have completed the prerequisite course(s).

(4) You must complete all requirements for admission to impacted majors within the first 60 units.

I have been told that I must take one or more pre-baccalaureate courses.  How can I plan my program?

Your advisor at SOAR can help you identify which courses must be postponed.  You must still complete  the minimum number of baccalaureate units required for the degree.

You may be able to catch up by taking additional courses in later semesters or by taking classes in summer or winter session, or you may choose to spend an additional semester completing the program.  You cannot begin the sequence of required courses for some majors until you are ready for baccalaureate-level Mathematics.   See your major advisor to develop a plan for scheduling the required courses. 

I didn’t complete the exact list of courses shown.  Can I still graduate on time?

The answer depends on your major and on what courses you have completed.  The plans are not rigid requirements; they are only intended to provide guidance in planning a program.   There are many reasons for students to follow a different pattern, such as changing the major, choosing to take fewer classes in a given semester, choosing to complete a minor or a second major.  See your advisor for help in planning a program that will work for you.

If I follow the plan, will I have all requirements for graduation completed?

The plans include the specific courses required for the major.  For some majors, there are restrictions on the choice of major electives.  It is important that you select General Education courses to meet the required distribution pattern.  You may need to take an additional General Education course to complete the minimum number of units required for each category.  This is likely to happen if you took three-unit courses in Category B, Physical Universe


American Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in American Studies (AMSTBA01)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts (ANTHBA01)
                - Four Year Plan

Asian and Asian American Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies (A/STBA01)
                - Four Year Plan
- Bachelor of Arts in Asian American Studies (A/STBA04)
                - Four Year Plan

Black Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in Black Studies (B/STBA01)
                - Four Year Plan

Chicano and Latino Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in Chicano and Latino Studies (CHLSBA01)
                - Four Year Plan

Chinese Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies (A/STBA02)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Classics
      - Option in Roman Civilization (CLSCBA01)
                - Four Year Plan
      - Option in Greek Civilization (CLSCBA02)
                - Four Year Plan

Communication Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
      - Option in General Speech (COMMBA01)
                - Four Year Plan
      - Option in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication (COMMBA03)
                - Four Year Plan
      - Option in Rhetorical Studies (COMMBA02)
                - Four Year Plan

Comparative World Literature

- Bachelor of Arts in Comparative World Literature (C/LTBA01)
                - World Literature Emphasis Four Year Plan
                - Cultural Studies Emphasis Four Year Plan
                - Language and Literature Emphasis Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Economics (ECONBA01)
                - Four Year Plan
      - Option in Mathematical Economics and Economic Theory (ECONBA02)
                - Four Year Plan
- Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics (ECONBA03)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in English
      - Option in Creative Writing (ENGLBA02)
                - Four Year Plan
      - Option in English Education (ENGLBA06)
                - Four Year Plan
      - Option in Literature (ENGLBA01)
                - Four Year Plan
      - Option in Rhetoric and Composition (ENGLBA04)
                - Four Year Plan

Environmental Science and Policy

- Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science and Policy (ES_PBA01)
                - Four Year Plan
- Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy (ES_PBS01)
                - Natural Science Track Four Year Plan
                - Social Science Track Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in French (RGR_BA01)
                - Four Year Plan
- Bachelor of Arts in French Studies (RGR_BA08)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Geography (GEOGBA01)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in German (RGR_BA02)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in History (HISTBA01)
                - Four Year Plan

Human Development

- Bachelor of Arts in Human Development (HDEVBA01)
                - Four Year Plan

International Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (I/STBA01)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies (RGR_BA09)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Japanese (A/STBA03)
                - Four Year Plan

Jewish Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in Modern Jewish Studies (COLABA01)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (JOURBA08)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics (LINGBA01)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (PHILBA01)
                - Four Year Plan

Political Science

- Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (POSCBA01)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (PSY_BA01)
                - Four Year Plan

Religious Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (R/STBA01)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (SOC_BA01)
                - Four Year Plan


- Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
      - Option in General Spanish. Translation, Linguistics and Language, Lit and Cultural Studies (RGR_BA03)
                - Four Year Plan

Women's Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies (W/STBA01)
                - Four Year Plan