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Policy Statement - 99-07 Family and Consumer Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in, Minor in Textiles

Bachelor of Arts in Family and Consumer Sciences
Minor in Textiles (code 0-1116)

This new minor was recommended by the Academic Senate on December 3, 1998 and approved by the President on December 14, 1998.

Eighteen units including: FCS 255, 353, 453, 457; 6 additional units selected from FCS 450*, 456, and 492 as approved by an Apparel Design and Merchandising faculty advisor. It is the student's responsibility to adhere to all prerequisites listed below. It should be noted that several prerequisites fulfill general education requirements.

1. FCS 255 and CHEM 100 or 111A (fulfills GE Category B1b) are prerequisites for FCS 353.

2. FCS 255 and 353 are prerequisites for FCS 453.

3. ECON 201 & 202 (fulfills GE Category D2b) or 300 (fulfills GE Category D2b); FCS 353; and senior standing are prerequisites for FCS 457.

4. ENGL 100 (fulfills GE category A1); and ANTH 120 (fulfills GE category D2a) or SOC 100 (fulfills GE category D2b) or 142 (fulfills GE category D2b) are prerequisites for FCS 450* (fulfills GE category D2b) and HD).

5. FCS 251 (fulfills GE category E); FCS 353; and HIST 131(fulfills GE category D2a) are prerequisites for FCS 456.

6. FCS 453 is a prerequisite for FCS 492.

EFFECTIVE: Spring 1999

Code: 0-1116
College: 15
Career: UG
IPEDS (Major) ERSS: 13011
IPEDS (Degree) ERSD: 13011