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Policy Statement - 98-04 Biology, Bachelor of Science in, Option in Biology Education

Bachelor of Science in Biology Option in Biology Education (code 3-7620)

This option was recommended by the Academic Senate on March 26 and approved by the President on June 15, 1998.

This program is designed solely for students pursuing the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Science, Biological Sciences Concentration. Although designed to provide the required coursework in science to enter this credential program, students should keep themselves informed about any changes in the credential by referring to the section in this, Catalog under Single Subject Teacher Education Program and contacting the Science Education Department. This option requires approximately 79-91 units in the major, of which 50-54 are in lower division and 29-37 are in upper division.

Lower Division: ASTR 100; 13101-211A, B, 260; CHEM 111A, B; GEOL 102, 104, 160; MATH 119A or 122; MICR 200 or 211; NSCI 200; and PHYS 100A or 101 A, 1008 or 101 B.

Upper Division: CHEM 327 or both 320A and B; and eight additional courses totaling 26-29 units in the biological sciences including BIOL 312, 340, 350, 370; one of these three plant biology courses: BIOL 328, 439, 447; one of these three animal biology courses: BIOL 313, 324, 332. The remaining two biological sciences courses should be chosen in consultation with an advisor, BIOL 495tMICR 495 is highly recommended. Either CHEM 441A, B or 448 will count but AJP 305,306,3081,401; BIOL 3031; MICR 3001, 3021, 303; NSCI 492 will not count toward these two additional required courses.

Although PHYS 4001, EDSS 300C, SCED 403, and BIOL 3031 or MICR 3001 or 3021 are not required in the major, the credential does require these courses. Students may want to take some or all of them prior to graduation:

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1998
Code: 3-7620
College: 65
Career: UG WEDS (Major)
ERSS: 04011 WEDS (Degree)
ERSD: 04011

The Bachelor of Arts in Biology (2-7621) is discontinued and closed to all new students.