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Policy Statement - 01-10 Latin American Studies, Minor in

Minor in Latin American Studies (code 0-8527)

This new minor was recommended by the Academic Senate on May 17, 2001 
and approved by the President on June 14, 2001.

The Minor offers students majoring in any subject an opportunity to supplement their education with a focus on the interdisciplinary study of Latin America. The minor's flexible program of study is ideal for students interested either in intellectual enrichment or professional development in their major. Courses used to meet this minor requirement may be counted also, where applicable, toward the General Education requirements, and the major or minor requirements of the cooperating departments.


1. The following are the requirements for the Latin American Studies minor:

A. The successful completion of two college intermediate level courses in Spanish, Portuguese or any other language appropriate to the student's area of concentration of the equivalent fluency as determined by the program advisor.

B. Consultation with the program advisor, including formal declaration of the minor, and application for graduation.

2. Completion of 21 units distributed as follows: A. Core (Required of all students) 6 units. Choose from two disciplines: ANTH 323, 324; GEOG 320I; HIST 362, 364; POSC 358, 359; SPAN 445. 
B. Electives: 15 additional units from the following disciplines. Students cannot duplicate courses taken in the Core: ANTH 323, 324, 345, 490*, 495*, CHLS 352, 380, 395, 400, 420, 490*, 499*; C/LT 440, 499*, ECON 490*, 499*; FEA 392C; GEOG 320I; HIST 162A, 162B, 362, 364, 366, 461, 462, 463, 466A, 466B, 466C, 490*, 495*, 498*; POSC 358, 359, 497*, 499*; SOC 341, 490*, 499*; SPAN 341; 441, 445, 492, 550, 490*, 495* * The Latin American Studies advisor must approve Special Topics and Directed Studies courses in the area of Latin American Studies

EFFECTIVE: Fall 2001

         Code: 0-8527 
         College: 28 
         Career: UG