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About LOTE Single Subject Credential Program

Mission Statement

  1. To support the goal of the California State University general education program which emphasizes "the acquisition of writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills, the knowledge of cultural and artistic traditions "as well as "the analysis of human behavior and society (...) and the scientific modes of thinking", through the acquisition and study of languages other than English. The attainment of these goals will provide a solid foundation for more advanced studies, will facilitate the acquisition of other languages and forms of communication, and will foster a commitment for life-long education. This mission agrees with Strategic Priority One of California State University, Long Beach Strategic Plan.
  2. To enable those students who choose to pursue advanced professional study of any of the languages offered by the department. This LOTE mission implies:
    • the acquisition of both linguistic and cultural skills,
    • the study of the literature and arts of the nations and people who use the language,
    • the knowledge of applied linguistics and language acquisition and the mastery of the most current language teaching methodologies along the guidelines of the California State Language Framework and the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning,
    • any other knowledge and skills fundamental for graduate work on the target language or other related fields.
  3. By providing advanced oral and written communication skills in a language other than English, the LOTE program supports the mission of the California State University system which seeks:
    • to enable the students "to contribute continuously to the advancement of their fields and professions,"
    • to complement its academic programs so they can better respond to the need that graduates in California have to communicate in languages other than English within the state, the nation, and the world.
  4. The languages other than English program mission also follows the CSULB goal "to build upon the culturally diverse region it serves and the international character of the faculty (by)emphasizing international education" as well as directly contributing towards its efforts to serve the surrounding community (Strategic Plan Priority Three).
  5. While the LOTE program pursues missions two and three building upon the diverse culture and heritage of Southern California, it is also their mission to recognize and credit the existing language skills and cultural background of the representatives of such diversity:
    • to make provisions for them to further develop their primary language ability, and to deepen their understanding of their own cultural heritage and its contribution to humanity.

This mission implies that the LOTE program will seek to serve non-traditional, underrepresented, and international students.

This Mission Statement has been prepared in response to the needs of CSULB diverse student body in agreement with the expectations explicit in the CSU mission statement, as well as with the mission of CSULB and its strategic plan, following the guidelines set up by the California State of Education Foreign language Frameworks and the National Standards in Foreign Language Education.

LOTE enrollment and admission statistics, 1999-2010

LOTE Self Study 2010 (PDF)