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Campus Crime Bulletins

 Any media requests for information involving the bulletins listed below can be handled by contacting CSULB Media Relations at (562) 985-8707.

Timely Warning Crime Bulletins:

In accordance with the Clery Act (20 U.S.C. § 1092(f)) and Executive Order 1107 from the Office of the Chancellor, Timely Warning Crime Bulletins are intended to provide members of the community with information to aid in preventing them from becoming a victim of crimes posing a serious or ongoing threat to the campus communities. Timely Warning Crime Bulletins which are issued by the University Police Department will appear below. The bulletin will be published on the UPD website for a period of seven (7) days.

PDF files are presented for each Timely Warning Crime Bulletin below. Please click on the link to download and view the document. 

Public Safety Notices:

Public Safety Notices are intended to inform the campus community of criminal activity or safety hazards on or around the campus of CSULB. Such notices could include crime alerts, arrests, or general safety notices. 

PDF files are presented for each notice below. Please click on the link to download and view the document.