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Academic Field Trips FAQs


What is the Executive Order 1062 definition of field trip?

A field trip is a university course-related; off-campus activity led by a faculty or staff member and designed to serve educational purposes. A fieldtrip would include the gathering of data for research (such as at a geological or archaeological site), museum visit, participation in a conference or competition, or visits to an event or place of interest.

The duration of a field trip may be a class period or longer, and could extend over multiple days. This definition does not apply to activities or placements in the context of a teacher preparation program, intercollegiate sports, or service-learning placements, all of which are governed under separate policy.

Are any of the following considered field trips?

  • Non-mandatory off-campus events or activities, e.g., Faculty encourage students to attend a lecture, movie, play, museum exhibition, related to their coursework; faculty may or may not be present.
  • A lecture in a different, outside location.
  • Students gathering research data either alone or in groups, without faculty present.
  • Students giving presentations at conferences.
  • Short-term study abroad programs.

These are not considered field trips. If in doubt, please email

What about courses with a curriculum-approved trip outside the continental US?

These are considered field trips. The Education Abroad Office in the Center for International Education is available as a resource for information, assistance and orientation.

Would students need to complete a Release of Liability for every field trip?

No, students only need to complete one form, per course, for similar field trip activities in the same semester. Students must list all dates and locations for similar activities.

What if I wish to include a volunteer on the field trip?

See Volunteer Assignments. All volunteers must complete a CSULB Volunteer Identification form.

What if an accident or emergency occurs on the trip?

Take all appropriate emergency measures and notify the department chair. Department chair then notifies the dean who notifies the Provost’s Office. If a motorized vehicle is involved, submit completed Travel Accident Form 270.

What information should be provided to students before the field trip?

Review the Academic Course Field Trips Checklist for information that should be provided to students.

What forms would students need to complete before the field trip?

Review the Academic Course Field Trips Checklist for the list of forms.

What forms should be retained and for how long?

See the Review and Record Retention section at the end of the Academic Course Field Trips Checklist for document retention requirements.