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Kathleen Wilhoite

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Kathleen Wilhoite is an accomplished actress, singer, and songwriter. As an actress, she has amassed close to two hundred film and TV credits including multi-year roles on the hit series Gilmore GirlsER, and as the star of Disney’s Saturday morning animated Pepper Ann.

Kathleen has performed in many projects including the theme of The New Adventures of Old ChristineAlly McBealRoadhouseCop Rock, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She has also placed her own compositions in film and TV projects including Rita RocksBuffy the Vampire SlayerDrowning MonaValarie FlakeNice Guys Sleep Alone, and Murphy’s Law.

Kathleen has released 2 albums, one through Richard Branson’s V2 and the other on her own label, Ruby Ray Records. She Hosts the podcast and enjoys hanging out with her family and writing stories.