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Leslie Reese


Ph.D. , UCLA , 1992

Research Interests

Dr. Reese has worked as a Co-Principal Investigator on three longitudinal studies of the literacy development and academic performance of Latino children. These included Family, Community, and School Contexts for Spanish-speaking Children’s Language and Literacy DevelopmentThe Social Context of Performance and Competence for Latino Students in High School and Beyond; and her current project, Language/Literacy Development in Urban Mexican Children. Dr. Reese has conducted collaborative research with classroom teachers on SDAIE instructional strategies and assessment of English learners.

Representative Publications

In Press:

Reese, L. & Goldenberg, C. Community Literacy Resources and Home Literacy Practices among Immigrant Latino Families. Marriage and Family Review.


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Reese, L. Book Review of The Educational Welcome of Latinos in the New South. Anthropology and Education Quarterly.


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Campus Leadership

Dr. Reese is the coordinator of the Dual Language Development MA Program in the Department of Teacher Education. Dr. Reese has chaired two Department of Education committees (Evaluation of Lecturers Committee and the Interview/Admission/Advisement Committee) and served on committees at the Department, College, and University level at CSULB. These include the Department Curriculum Committee, College Strategic Planning Committee, College Retention/Tenure/Promotion Committee, University Teacher Preparation Committee and the Program Assessment and Review Council.

Current Projects

Dr. Reese is Co-Principal Investigator, with colleagues at the ITESO university in Guadalajara, of the NICHD-funded longitudinal study entitled Language/Literacy Development Among Urban Mexican Children.