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Sustainability Task Force

The Sustainability Task Force (STF) is an advisory body made up of faculty members, staff, and students who are dedicated to:

  • Helping CSULB identify and adopt sustainable practices in university and auxiliary operations
  • Incorporating sustainability into our academic programs
  • Increasing engagement of our campus community in sustainability programs and initiatives

The STF includes representatives from campus facilities, ASI, Housing, 49er Shops, the Foundation, and each of the university’s divisions and colleges. 

The Office of Sustainability in Physical Planning & Facilities Management provides administrative support to the STF, which meets approximately four times per year.

STF Working Groups & Key Priorities

The current list of STF members is designated by the Academic Senate; however, all campus community members are invited to participate in the Working Groups.  Learn more about the Working Groups below, and if interested in joining please contact us at

The STF oversees several task-oriented Working Groups. These Working Groups are responsible for addressing specific goals related to the STF’s key priority areas. The priorities and associated Working Groups are as follows:

Priority 1: Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

Working Groups’ Charge: Make progress toward achieving CSULB’s Climate Action Plan goal of climate neutrality by 2030 by addressing our largest greenhouse gas emissions sources.

  1. Transportation Emissions Working Group
  2. Clean Energy Working Group
  3. Zero Waste Working Group 

Priority 2: Develop a Sustainability Learning Community

Working Groups’ Charge: Increase overall engagement in sustainability efforts and sustainability/climate literacy of CSULB students, faculty, and staff via enhanced academic programs and communications

  1. Sustainability Curriculum Working Group
  2. Research Support Working Group
  3. Communications & Engagement Working Group

Priority 3: Achieve CSU Sustainability Policy Goals 

Working Groups’ Charge: Achieve the water conservation, procurement, and sustainable food goals and targets outlined in the CSU Sustainability Policy.

  1. Water Conservation Working Group
  2. Sustainable Procurement Working Group

Priority 4: Involve Students in Campus Sustainability

All Working Groups are charged with meaningfully engaging students in their efforts. If you are a student who wants to get involved, contact