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Grow Beach Organic Garden



Grow Beach! is a campus-wide effort to provide a natural and convenient garden right on campus! Students, faculty, staff and alumni use the student run organic garden to cultivate their own food while creating a positive academic, cultural, environmental, and sustainable impact on the CSULB university experience.

How to Get Gardening! 

The organic garden is located at the corner of Earl Warren Dr. and Atherton St.

Plot rentals are open to students, staff, and faculty, with one 5x5 plot renting at $25 (students) and $50 (staff/faculty) per year. Rentals can be renewed if gardeners are in good standing.

Boxes can be rented to individual Gardeners or to groups of Co-Gardeners. The rental fee includes use of common garden tools, and access to watering, composting, and waste disposal amenities.

Student gardeners are given first priority; however, all members of our campus community are invited to apply for a garden box.

Potential gardeners can pay through either PayPal or the ASI Business Office at USU Room 229. More information can be found at, and any questions or concerns can be directed to or

Faculty Advisor: Libby Gustin