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Spring 2022 COVID FAQs

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What if I don’t get my PCR test results despite taking the test 72 hours before move in? 

We recognize that PCR tests are taking longer to get results than previously.  If a student can, we would prefer that they wait until they get the PCR result before coming to campus.  If that is absolutely not possible, then we will welcome them with the expectations that they take and pass the rapid test and then follow up with PCR results as soon as they are available. 

Can I come to campus to take my PCR test?

Absolutely.  Avellino, the vendor that the university has welcomed to campus, continues to have testing availability at the Chart Room and at the PyramidSchedule a PCR test with Avellino. 

I can’t get an appointment for a PCR test, what then? 

Students must take a PCR test within 72 hours of returning to campus. California State and Local authorities have walk in clinics that are available.  

Must I have received a booster? 

Yes, all students who are eligible to receive a booster (5 months after vaccination and not actively sick from covid) must receive a booster before returning to housing.  Every student who moved in last August is eligible and booster shots are readily available. Submit Booster shot information on your Single Sign On through the Student Vaccination Verification tool. For those students who are new to housing this Spring, if you are vaccinated plus five months, you must have received boosters.  Only those who are within the 5 month period will be given consideration to return. 

Can I get my booster shot on campus? 

Booster shots are widely available. Long Beach Department of Health will resume booster shot clinics by the Bookstore on January 19th.  If students need an earlier appointment, there are several city cites that have booster availability. Schedule a COVID vaccine or booster shot.

What if I cannot arrive during one of the move-in windows? 

We strongly recommend that students arrive within the move in window dates and times that we have provided.  Why? The main reason is that we need to staff several people to run the rapid testing.  If you absolutely cannot return to campus during one of the windows, please reach out to us at and we will see what is possible for welcoming you back and at the same time, keeping the community safe. 

I arrive and get a Positive Result through Rapid Testing, what then? 

Students should come to campus with a plan to return home or go elsewhere if they would receive a positive rapid test.  Our goal is to keep the on-campus community safe. We take this responsibility very seriously.  Allowing a resident to move in with a positive covid status does unfortunately put at risk students who are not covid positive. If at all possible, we would need for students to return home or leave campus? For those who Absolutely cannot return home due to great hardship, we will place them in isolation with another student who is in isolation.  

Will I have a roommate in Isolation? 

Yes, we will be placing two people, both tested positive, in one room together to stretch our isolation capacity given the transmissibility of the omicron and the expected strain on our isolation system. 

What happens if I miss my move-in times and the scheduled rapid testing windows are closed? What if I show up after service center hours/late hours because I had flight delays and/or other unforeseen complications? 

Check in this semester is quite involved and requires a lot of staffing and resources. Students must really do their best to arrive in the windows of times provided on the days provided.  Some may have air travel delays and we acknowledge that challenge.  Please email if you know of this situation and we will do our best to accommodate.  Instructions will follow in that email correspondence.  

Can I move in before January 16th or between January 20-February 5th? 

No. The move-in/check in process requires a large commitment of staffing that we cannot maintain for the entirety of the two weeks.  Students need to make every effort to arrive in one of the windows provide. 

Can I come to campus to get something from my room? 

Yes, but only on days that we do not have move-in. Our staff will be actively managing a complicated move-in protocol and will not have time to escort students to receive their belongings from their rooms.  January 20-February 4- students can ask for an escort from personnel at the various service centers. 

General COVID FAQs 


Where can I get testing?



  • Chartroom (facing E11 Lot) - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 8am-3pm. Fridays 10am-2pm. Appointments are recommended but walk-ins are welcome.
    *Hours and dates may vary during holidays/breaks
  • Pyramid - Between  8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday. Appointments are recommended but walk-ins are welcome.

Also available:


Do I have to pay to test on-campus? Who pays for the tests?

The two testing sites on campus are done through Avellino or Long Beach Dept of Health, and will bill insurance (if insured), or provide free testing if uninsured. There is no direct cost for testing.

What do I do if: 

I have symptoms. 

  • Update your COVID pre-screen (Even if you completed it earlier in the day with no symptoms) & wait for a call from the contact tracers. You will be asked to take a rapid test & a PCR (nasal swab) test. You will be asked to either quarantine or isolate, so monitor your phone & email for instructions. As your pre-screen will show a “red X” not a “green check mark,” you should not leave your room/suite until you get further instructions.  

My roommate has COVID-like symptoms and/or has COVID? 

  • Update your COVID pre-screen & Wait for contact from the contract-tracers. 
  • If you are vaccinated, you should monitor for symptoms. You may take a COVID test. Someone will contact you and may be given instructions to quarantine. 
  • If you are unvaccinated and were exposed to a confirmed/suspected case of COVID, someone will contact you and may be given instructions to quarantine. 

I was in contact with someone with COVID? 

  • Update your COVID pre-screen & Wait for contact from the contract-tracers. 
  • If you are vaccinated, you should monitor for symptoms. You may take a COVID test. Someone will contact you and may be given instructions to quarantine. 
  • If you are unvaccinated and were exposed to a confirmed case of COVID, someone will contact you and you will be instructed to test and quarantine. 

I am COVID positive? 

  • Contact SHS ((562) 985-4771) and update your COVID pre-screen. Wait in your room for further instructions.  
  • Someone will contact you and you will be given instructions to move to isolation. (You may isolate off-campus if you are able.) 

FAQs on Isolation/Quarantine 


What is the difference between Isolation and Quarantine? 

Isolation - For COVID positive. You will be moved to a different room/building. 

Quarantine - For symptomatic/exposed contact. Many times, you will quarantine in your own room. 

How long will I need to quarantine/isolate? 

If positive, you will need to isolate for 10 days or until you do not have symptoms, whichever one is later.  

If you receive a negative PCR test you will be released from quarantine unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

How will I have access to food/dining hall? 

You will be given a link to make delivery requests for the dining hall. For outside food deliveries, only step outside to retrieve your food items before reentering the building. 

What is the process in leaving isolation/quarantine? 

  1. You will complete pre-screen at the end of your 10-day/14-day isolation/quarantine.
  2. SHS will receive and review. If everything is good to go, SHS will let Housing Staff know. 
  3. Housing staff will send an email with instructions that you are cleared and can move back in. 

What about using the restroom or doing laundry? 

If assigned to isolation, you will be assigned a restroom near your room to utilize during your isolation. Leaving your room to use the restroom or to get water from the water fountain is completely acceptable and expected. Other than that, though, you should remain in your space. 

We encourage students to bring enough clothing for their stay in isolation – trips to the laundry room will not be permitted. 

Monthly Testing FAQs 


Do I need to test even though I am vaccinated? 

Yes. All residents must test and submit their results during their testing window. This is a requirement of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services because there are breakthrough cases and living in residence halls can create a greater risk of transmission. 

Why do I need to test if I am vaccinated? 

With the increased risk of the Delta Variant and Omicron of the SARS Covid-19 virus and the potential for breakthrough infections, Long Beach Health and Human Services has required the university to do ongoing testing to help prevent an outbreak either on campus or potentially when students go home. 

Where do I submit my results? 

You only must submit results if you do not test at the Pyramid or The Chart Room. Avellino will share your results with us directly. If you test elsewhere, you must upload your COVID test results 

What if my results are late? What if my appointment is set right before or after my testing window?   

You will be able to turn in your results late if it is soon after your testing window. Please submit your results when you receive it. Email to notify late or early submission of results. 

Does it have to be a PCR test? 

Yes, a PCR test is required. Rapid tests alone will not be sufficient.  

What if I am in athletics/club sports? Do I need to still participate?  

Yes, however if you test at the Pyramid or The Chart Room. Avellino will share your results with us directly and you do not have to upload your results. You do need to test during your testing window.  

What if I am not on campus during the testing window? Do I need to still submit one?  


Do I have to take a test on-campus? 

No. You can test wherever you like if it is a PCR test. See under "General COVID FAQs" to see testing locations. 

What if I was COVID positive recently?  

If you recently had COVID, you do not need to be tested for 90 days following the date of the positive test. You will need to resume testing after 90 days passes. You must share your positive test date for accurate tracking of when you must resume testing. An Antigen test can be taken to show that you are no longer infectious; however, those are not necessarily available through the university. 

 What happens if I test positive? 

Please see above under "General COVID FAQs." 

More information about testing positive

Where do I find my results if I tested with Avellino Labs (Chartroom/Pyramid)? 

You can log in to your Avellino account to see your results and past results, etc. When you completed the one-time registration, it should have asked you for your email and phone number if you wished to receive results through your account. If so, an email would have been sent to activate your account and create a username and password. You will then use those credentials to log in to Avellino’s portal to see your results. 
If you have already registered your account, try checking your junk e-mail. 

If you are still having issues, we suggest you contact their customer support (650) 396-3741