First-Year Housing Intention Policy

As of Fall 2020, there will not be a first-year residential requirement. However, first-year students are required to inform university housing where they will be living during their first-year at CSULB. Research continues to show that students who live in university housing, particularly in their first year of college, have an advantage over students who do not live on campus. These advantages include greater psychosocial development, higher retention and graduation rates, greater educational aspiration, and greater satisfaction with their overall college experience. In other words, they grow more personally, make friends, stay in school, are more likely to graduate and are generally happier with their collegiate experience than their classmates who commute to school.

To inform us about your housing intention.

  1. Log on to the Housing Portal
  2. Select Housing Application on the menu bar
  3. Choose the Academic Year you are attending
  4. Select "to live outside of campus housing"
  5. Select your intention plan on the following page