Campus Housing

Residential Villages

Each village provides a safe and comfortable living environment in which students can socialize, study, and reach their potential as a 49er. See the types of housing available and eligibility based on student classification and preference.

Living, Learning and Thematic Communities

These communities offer unique living and learning opportunities for residents with similar interests to live in the same hall or on the same floor, creating an educational community that supports its residents. They are special interest communities within the residence halls that allow residents to enjoy both unique activities related to a theme as well as create more traditional, social, and recreational opportunities.

Residential Dining Services

Dining Services offers a quality and diverse food service program designed to meet your needs. Residents may enjoy any of the three dining halls, food is plentiful (unlimited seconds on most items), and residents and their families can be assured that the students' nutritional needs will be met. Residents with special dietary needs will find our dining hall managers anxious to accommodate all reasonable requests.