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Koru Mindfulness

Our Koru Mindfulness series will be unavailable in Fall 2021 and will be available again in Spring 2022. If you would like to participate in the series or would like more information, please contact

What is Koru?
Koru Mindfulness is a national program developed at Duke University by college mental health professionals. This is a four-session mindfulness training program specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of college students. Students leave the very first session with tools they can use immediately. Each class is 75 minutes and participants are expected to practice 10 minutes per day on their own. There is a free phone app with guided meditations and a book provided by the SHS.

What can Koru do for you?
Mindfulness and meditation can help improve your sleep, reduce your stress levels, build your resilience when life is difficult, and even improve your relationships. Studies show that mindfulness and meditation can also improve your memory and your grades!

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