First-Year Beach Connections Overview and FAQs

First-Year Beach Connections Overview

Being a new student at a large university like Long Beach State can be daunting for some. Common challenges new students encounter include:

  • Adjusting to new academic rigor
  • Managing your time and life's responsibilities
  • Creating connections to the campus
  • Making new friends
  • Addressing mental and physical wellness
  • Overseeing finances

First-Year Beach Connections was created to support students during your academic, social, and personal transition to The Beach.  All first-semester students –  both first-time/first-year and transfer students  are automatically enrolled in First-Year Beach Connections.  This program will help you connect with classmates, explore campus resources, become involved with campus life, and learn to manage your time. Most importantly, it offers you access to an experienced and successful student who can answer all your questions about the university and how to thrive at The Beach!

Questions? Please contact:

First-Year Beach Connections FAQ's

First-Year Beach Connections supports your transition to life at Long Beach State by offering two approaches to creating connections to the campus and with other students.

FYBC Texting Campaign
All first-semester students are automatically enrolled in the FYBC Texting Campaign. This campaign sends new students timely messages that support your academic, social, and personal transition to the university. You can respond with specific questions about campus resources and university policies, as well as text with an experienced student who will provide guidance and advocate for students in need.   

FYBC Programs
All current students are invited to attend FYBC programs and events, which are designed to create a sense of community and encourage student success.

FYBC Texting Campaign
This campaign currently takes place during your first semester at The Beach.

FYBC Programs
Events and programs are offered each semester.

FYBC hosts events throughout the fall and spring semesters. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns:
Brotman Hall-Room 270

The FYBC Texting Campaign is only during your first semester and a total of four messages are sent. Please do not opt of receiving messages as this will block all future messages from the university.

FYBC Events are optional, but of course we strongly encourage you to attend our programs/events to meet people and create a connection to the campus.

The First-Year Beach Connections program is free to all students and there are no requirements to join!