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Succeed. Thrive. Matter. Those are the cornerstones of your experience at CSULB. YOU at CSULB helps students design their ideal college experience.

Succeed in your academic success and career preparedness
Thrive in your physical and mental health
Matter in your purpose and connection to campus

YOU at CSULB is a personalized online platform based on your interests, goals, and needs.

Once logged into YOU at CSULB, you can explore the content in each area including programs on campus, workshops, Ted Talks, articles, and more.

In Succeed, explore Learning Strengths, Degree & Career Options, Academics & Grades, Internships & Career Path, Leadership & Professional Development, Finances & Basic Needs, and more.

In Thrive, explore Fitness & Nutrition, Sexual Health, Body Positivity, Sleep, Managing Anger, Stress & Anxiety, Alcohol & Substance Use, Loneliness & Depression, and more.

In Matter, explore Relationships & Making Friends, Mindfulness & Balance, Purpose & Meaning, Clubs & Volunteering, Personality Style, Diversity & Identity, and more.