SAR-7 Periodic Report & Renewal Process FAQ

If approved for CalFresh, you will have to complete a renewal process 6 months from your initial application month and again at the 1-year mark.

The SAR-7 is the renewal process for CalFresh recipients and is required to be completed on the 6th month after receiving CalFresh. Your county will mail you documents to complete, OR, students can log on to their county CalFresh portal to complete the SAR-7 electronically.

The SAR-7 will ask you to report any changes that may have happened in the last 6 months. Documentation will be asked to confirm reported changes. Changes may include a change of residency, household size, income and expenses, and any additional changes you may need to report.

Every year, you will also have to complete a yearly renewal process at the 12th month of receiving CalFresh. Your county will mail you documents to complete the yearly renewal or students can choose to complete the recertification online. You will be asked to report any changes that may have happened since you last reported to the county.

Changes may include a change of residency, household size, income and expenses, and any additional changes you may need to report. Your county will call for an interview to review the information imported.

It is recommended to submit your SAR-7 Periodic Report and Yearly Renewals using the or website. DO NOT complete the SAR-7 through the link, that you may receive via email, as it will not be reported to your count.

  • For, you will see your "Periodic Report" shown on the To Do List item on the right-hand screen. Select begin and complete your report. Upload all recommended documents.
  • For you will click on "Case Details" in your home page and scroll down to "Pending or Due Report". It will show as a clickable document to complete online. Upload all recommended documents. 

  • Paystubs dated for the month prior to your SAR-7 Period Report due date
    • For example, if your SAR-7 report is due in March 2023, you must upload all paystubs dated for February 2023. 
  • Current semester class schedule screenshot
  • Financial Aid Award for current academic year 
  • Rental Expenses Proof 
    • If your rent has increased from the original time you applied, please upload the updated amount. 
  • Household Member information 
    • If you are adding members to your application, please upload their IDs or Birth Certificates. 
  • Student Verification Letter from California State University, Long Beach 
    • If you were originally eligible for CalFresh due to a program or major that prepares you for a job, or part of EOP, or are a student employee on campus. Please upload this document. If you do not have this letter, please reach out to us so we may provide you this letter. 

You will receive a decision on the status of your application for next 6 months by the end of the month when your report is due

  • If updates need to be made to your current benefit amount, then you will see the changes at this time and a notice of benefits change will appear in your messages section of your portal. 
  • If there are no changes are needed, all will stay the same
  • Keep an eye out of your message in the next two weeks to see if county wants any additional documents. Make sure to upload if needed. You can check electronic version of mailed letters on your online portals. 

If changes happen to your address, household size, or income, you must go to your benefits portal and report that change within 10 days of the change.

  • When reporting any change, you will provide appropriate documentation. 
  • It is highly encouraged for you to report changes, particularly to income, to ensure you are receiving the appropriate amount of benefits. Meaning you are not under-receiving or over-receiving benefits. 

  Recertification Dates 

Month of Initial Application

Due dates for SAR-7 Periodic Report Process 

Due Dates for Yearly Renewals 

January June 5th December 5th
February July 5th January 5th
March August 5th February 5th
April  September 5th March 5th
May October 5th  April 5th
June November 5th  May 5th
July December 5th June 5th
August  January 5th July 5th
September February 5th August 5th
October March 5th September 5th
November April 5th October 5th
December May 5th November 5th