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About the Program

Interim President Donald J. Para and Interim Provost/Senior Vice President David Dowell created the Leadership Fellows Program to develop a new generation of university leaders, respond systemically to critical issues in higher education, and advance CSULB’s 2013-2016 Strategic Priorities and Goals.

The Leadership Fellows Program offers faculty members the opportunity to create an individualized curriculum for their professional development through personal leadership assessment and mentoring.

Seminars, held as a cohort twice per month during the program’s first year, are designed to assist fellows in developing deep understanding of internal and external systems through active engagement in creative problem solving and collaborative work.

Program Fellows will gain and demonstrate leadership through the development, implementation and assessment of a real-world project that advances one of CSULB’s strategic priorities.

Program Structure

Year 1: Twice monthly seminars:

  • Collaborative research and discussion of local, national, and global challenges impacting higher education
  • Reciprocal learning through identification and application of systemic policy, practices and resources available to address challenges

Year 2: Leadership Project:

  • Demonstration of leadership knowledge and skills in the development, implementation and assessment of a project addressing a CSULB strategic priority
  • Project approval and assessment under the direction of a division vice president
  • Stipend allocated for successful project proposals

Among the topics to be discussed:

  • Critical issues in higher education
  • Utilizing technology as a leadership tool
  • Collaborative problem solving across system divisions
  • Application of systemic policies, processes and resources to address critical issues
  • Advancement of CSULB strategic priorities and goals through leadership projects