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SOA Gallery Guidelines

The following information is for students planning exhibits in School of Art galleries. Please note that the School of Art galleries are not currently open to the public. Student access is highly restricted due to COVID-19. Check back later this semester for updated information.

Gallery Contacts

Contact Name
Graduate Advisor Rebecca Sittler-Schrock (on sabbatical for Spring 2021)
Graduate Advisor Briana Stanley (January 18-May 14, 2021)
Student Services Coordinator Michael Nannery
Gallery Coordinator Todd Ciborowski
Scheduling Coordinators Assistants to the Graduate Advisor: Mirabel Wigon and Amanda Quinlan

School of Art Gallery Guidelines for Exhibitors

All students utilizing School of Art Galleries agreee to:

  1. Stay in contact with student's faculty member regarding exhibition plans, and to notify them of any significant changes to these plans;
  2. Present the exhibition announcement and all other promotional materials for review by the consulting faculty member before distributing any of these materials;
  3. Handle the exhibition in full compliance with CSULB Regulations for Campus Activities, Student Organizations and the University Community;
  4. Obtain the consulting faculty member's signature to be posted along with student's artist statement in gallery prior to opening of exhibition;
  5. Provide the department with an image (jpeg file, no less than 600 pixels in it's smallest dimension) of the student's work to feature on the website;
  6. Handle the exhibition in full compliance with the CSULB SoA Gallery Guidelines for Exhibitions.

It is the responsibility of the student to read and understand gallery guidelines, and failure to comply with them may result in the cancellation or closure of the student's exhibition and forfeiture of the gallery key deposit.

Important Gallery FAQs:

Q: Can I use adhesives on the gallery walls or floors?
A: It is best to discuss any use of adhesive or sticky materials with the graduate advisor and gallery coordinator. Double-sided tape may not be used under any circumstances. Many adhesives leave residue that continues to attract dirt after the exhibition, so special care must be taken and certain materials may not be used.
Q: How do I get my exhibition announcement approved?
A: All announcements and promotional materials, including web-based and e-announcements, must be reviewed by the student's faculty member prior to being distributed. It is important to leave 2-3 days for this process.
Q: How do I reserve a gallery space?
A: Gallery space applications are available in front of the Art Office (FA4-106) around the middle of the semester. You will be notified towards the end of the semester, via email, whether or not you are granted a space. You MUST confirm your gallery space with the Scheduling Coordinator within two weeks after receiving an email informing you that you have been scheduled for an exhibition in order to secure your space. If you would like to switch dates with another student, you must make arrangements with them, and must get approval from both your faculty member and the Scheduling Coordinator.
During COVID closures, gallery spaces are not open to the public. With approval from the college, we continue to provide exhibition space for one student at a time so that work may be photographed. Requests are being taken via email and online surveys.
Q: How do I reserve multimedia equipment for my exhibition?
A: The School of Art has a limited selection of display technology (projectors, monitors, media players, etc.) that students may check out for exhibitions. Reservations for this equipment are on a first-come, first-served basis, and should be made well in advance of exhibition. Requests for equipment must be made using the Video Equipment Request Form on the School of Art web site. Visit the Gallery Equipment page for more information.
Q: Who do I need to contact before my exhibition?
A: You must contact the Gallery Coordinator two weeks before your show to inform him about the layout of your show, and if you have any needs (i.e. pedestals, etc.). You also need to be in contact with your consulting faculty member several weeks before your exhibition. In addition, if you need to reserve any multimedia equiment, please use the Gallery Equipment page to make a reservation.
Q: How do I pick up gallery keys?
A: There is a mandatory Friday, 9am meeting for all students scheduled to show. The meeting begins in FA4 - 102 where you will submit a deposit CHECK (no cash or money orders) for $150 made payable to CSULB Foundation. Then you will be issued a key.
During COVID-19 closures, lockbox codes will be emailed to you for your individual gallery.
Q: I want to install something in the gallery courtyard or ouside of the galleries. How do I go about this?
A: In order to have an outdoor installation, including in the gallery courtyard, you must obtain written permission from the Graduate Advisor prior to your show.
Q: I'm thinking of using my gallery in an unconventional manner. Who do I need to discuss my plans with?
A: If a student intends to use a gallery in an unconventional manner and/or in a manner that may impact surrounding spaces, he or she must confer with the Graduate Advisor first, before putting their plans into action. Examples of some things that would constitute an impact on surrounding spaces include fumes and noise. Open flames, incense, or any other burning materials are not allowed in the galleries. The Graduate Advisor must also be consulted on any proposed gallery use that would potentially and/or permanently impact floors, walls, doors or ceilings of the gallery before the student makes any changes to the space, and before noon on the Friday before the exhibition opens. This does not include impact that normally arises from hanging or placing work in these areas. In addition, any use that may involve (even slight) risk to gallery visitors must be brought to the attention of the graduate advisor at least 2 weeks in advance. Giving earlier notice is better, as permissions may need to be requested through various university offices. Please be aware that some activities, even those that do not violate university codes of conduct, may not be allowed in the galleries.
Q: May I use live animals in my exhibition?
A: If a student wishes to include a live animal in their exhibition, he or she must write a proposal detailing how the animal will be exhibited and what precautions will be in place to ensure the health and well-being of the animal and the safety of the exhibition visitors. This proposal must be signed by the student and approved, via signature, by the faculty member, the Graduate Advisor, and the Director of the School of Art. The CSULB School of Art is strongly opposed to the use of animals for any form of exhibition where distress, intimidation, danger, or harm to the animals is likely to occur.
Q: Where do I send an image of my work for publicity purposes?
A: Students are required to provide the Assistants to the Graduate Advisor ( with an image to post alongside the gallery schedule on the website. It does not have to be the same work that will shown in the gallery but should be indicative of the student's current process. The image needs to be emailed as a jpeg and no smaller than 600 pixels in it's smallest dimension.

Consulting Faculty Member

Who can serve as Consulting Faculty

Every student exhibition must involve a full-time faculty member, usually from the student’s home program. This faculty member must be tenured or on tenure-track.

  1. MA/MFA Project exhibition: All three Project Committee members must sign the posted exhibition statement that includes the following wording: “We recommend that this exhibition satisfies a requirement for the (MA or MFA) Degree.”
  2. MA/MFA Individual Advancement exhibition: The Project Committee Chair must sign the posted exhibition statement after the Advancement Review, “I recommend that this exhibition satisfies a requirement for Advancement to Candidacy for the MA/MFA Degree.”
  3. BFA Senior Show: One faculty member from the BFA program in which the student is pursuing the degree must sign the posted exhibition statement that includes the following wording: “I recommend that this exhibition satisfies a requirement for the BFA Degree.”
  4. Non-Degree exhibition: One faculty member from the School of Art must sign the posted exhibition statement.

Roles and Responsibilities of Consulting Faculty:

  1. For a student to receive a gallery date, faculty members must first sign the student’s Request for Gallery Date form, indicating they clearly understand and support the student’s exhibition plan.
  2. Faculty members are required to review exhibition announcements and all other promotional materials, including web-based and e-announcements, before any such materials are distributed in any manner. Students are advised to allow plenty of time for this process before printing or incurring any production costs. Students who distribute material without this review process may jeopardize their show and/or all gallery privileges and will not be reimbursed for any costs incurred.
  3. Faculty members sign off on the student’s exhibition statement, indicating they have consulted with the student on the exhibition. The signed statement is to be posted in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition, before the exhibition opens. Any exceptions to his policy must be brought to the attention of either the School of Art Graduate Advisor or School of Art Director, either of who may sign in lieu of faculty member in exceptional circumstances.
  4. Faculty members and exhibiting students are to bring any potential problems or issues to the attention of the Graduate Advisor and School of Art Director.

Exhibition Announcements

Where to get Exhibition Announcements/ Postcards

Many students prefer to use digital exhibition announcements. Recommended postcard businesses that students have used in the past are:,,,,

Information to Include on Announcements:

  1. Your name
  2. Title of exhibition
  3. Status information - you must clearly indicate undergraduate BA or BFA exhibition or graduate MA or MFA exhibition if appropriate
  4. Exhibition dates and hours, opening reception dates and hours
  5. Gallery name: use the formal name of your assigned gallery
  6. School of Art, California State University, Long Beach
  7. Map & Parking information: contact for a map if needed
  8. Your contact information or website (optional)

Faculty Consultation for Announcements:  Announcements and promotional materials that are considered inappropriate for distribution will not be allowed. Faculty members must preview the student’s exhibition announcement and all other promotional materials, including web-based and e- announcements, before any such materials are distributed in any manner. Students are advised to allow plenty of time to obtain faculty consultation on these materials before printing or incurring any production costs. Distribution of announcements or other promotional materials and information without this consultation may result in cancellation or closure of student's exhibition, and forfeiture of the gallery key deposit.

Posting of Announcements and Other Materials on Campus: All posted materials must fall within the policy on Publicity and Posting.

Planning Your Exhibition

Gallery Keys

  1. You must attend a mandatory meeting with the Gallery Coordinator at 9am on the Friday morning you begin to install. The meeting begins in FA4-102 where you will check out your gallery key.
  2. When the key is checked out to you, it is for your use only, and is your responsibility. It is not to be handed off to others.
  3. Deposit: A $150.00 check (no cash or money orders) made payable to CSULB Foundation is required to guarantee gallery maintenance and return of the key; it will be given back to you if you leave the gallery in good condition, clean the reception area and return multimedia equipment, reception table, and chairs.
  4. Key Drop-off: The keys must be returned by 8:00 a.m. on the Friday after your show.
  5. Keys must be properly returned by the persons who checked them out. They may not be passed off to the next person installing a show in the gallery.
  6. Key Loss: If you lose the gallery keys, your gallery deposit of $150 will be forfeited for replacing the locks and keys.


  1. Friday (beginning at 9am) begin installation (Saturday and Sunday installation by prior agreement with Gallery Coordinator only). If you do not install on Friday nor make contact with the gallery coordinator by Friday noon, your gallery may be given to another exhibitor.
  2. Sunday Opening and Reception: (5-7pm) You must have the gallery open at this time even if you are planning another reception. Reception is to end at 7:00. Clean-up immediately following reception.
  3. Monday – Thursday (Gallery hrs. 12-5pm) It t is mandatory that your gallery be open from 12:00 until 5:00 pm, and additionally on Wednesday from 5-7 pm. You are expected to gallery- sit yourself in order to answer questions. In an emergency, you may make arrangements for someone else to sit for you. Evening hours are optional but not past 10:00 pm, please.
  4. Thursday evening starting at 5 pm, dismantle the exhibition -- sand, patch and touch-up, paint the walls, return pedestals to their storage area, clean floor, courtyard, etc., leaving the gallery absolutely clean and ready by 8 pm. Put all trash in school dumpsters. Multimedia equipment must be returned to the Art Print Center by 6:30pm.
  5. Friday: return key to FA4-106 on Thursday evening or by 8 am Friday morning. If the art office is closed you may use the key drop outside of the SOA Director's office in FA4.

Exhibition Installation

Communication with others at least TWO weeks before your exhibition:

  1. Contact the Gallery Coordinator to explain the layout of your show, and if you have any equipment needs or other needs (i.e. pedestals, etc.).
  2. Reserve any multimedia equipment through the Print Center.
  3. Get approval from your consulting faculty member on any exhibition announcements (digital or otherwise).
  4. Contact the Graduate Advisor regarding any unconventional gallery usage or materials (previous examples include use of live animals, use of the gallery courtyard, performances involving any risk to performers or visitors, use of bodily fluids, explicit exhibition content, etc.)
  5. Arrange for a friend to help you install your work. While there have not been any incidents, it is advised that you do not work alone in the evenings or on weekends.

Supplies and Equipment:

  1. Hanging objects from the gallery ceilings is allowed with prior permission from and consultation with the Gallery Coordinator. Hanging objects in the gallery courtyard is only allowed with prior written permission from the Graduate Advisor.
  2. Only use SOA Gallery Paint (no exceptions) on walls and pedestals. No oil based or glossy paint may be used on these items OR the gallery walls. Use ONLY the paint provided by the School of Art. ALWAYS use drop cloths when painting.
  3. Multimedia Equipment Check-out day is Friday. The Print Center is not open on weekends or over holidays, so it is recommended that equipment be checked out as early as possible on Friday and tested early enough to address technical issues before the Print Center closes at 2:00 PM.
  4. There are some tools available in the gallery storeroom, but it is advisable to bring your own tools and materials rather than to rely on the condition of gallery and department tools. Be prepared to furnish some hardware items yourself and please inform the Gallery Coordinator if tools are broken or missing from your gallery cart.
  5. Use only the orange ladders or rolling scaffolding for adjusting lights. You need to ALWAYS have a second person nearby when using a ladder. 


Exhibition Title and Signage:

You are responsible for your own gallery signage. Recommended, and most popular, are the peel-away type vinyl letters available in several colors at Kinko's or other office suppliers and similar but more professional ones available with the whole title as one piece, available from sign shops. Exhibition title and signage are part of the exhibition and should be discussed with your consulting faculty member. We are currently able to reimburse students for up to $95 for wall vinyl. You must provide a receipt.

Exhibition Statement:

Every exhibition must include a typed artist's statement. This statement may include acknowledgements. This statement is part of the exhibition and must be signed by a faculty member. The statement should be located at or near the gallery entrance, or multiple copies of the statement should be provided on a pedestal for visitors, faculty and students. Every degree-required exhibition must have a clearly placed exhibition statement. It must identify the exhibitor and student status, such as a BFA Exhibition, MA or MFA Project Exhibition, etc. and be signed by the student’s faculty member or committee chair on a signature line following this statement: “I recommend that this exhibition satisfies a requirement for the ___ Degree” (BFA Degree / MFA Degree / MA Degree, etc.) Non-Degree shows must have a statement posted and signed by a faculty member.

Exhibition Labels:

You should clearly label all works in your exhibition or have a list available. Labels should display the title, medium, date and other information that would be interesting to your viewers. A sharp, black type font is suggested. It is most common to mount a label next to each piece, but you could also prepare a numbered list of works with a corresponding number next to each work. Multiple copies of the list should be provided for gallery visitors.

Price Lists Prohibited

Please note that these are not commercial galleries and do not post a price list nor put prices next to the works (except for the Annual Holiday Sale). You may, however, make note that "a price list is available on request" and where, i.e. by contacting the artist, etc.

Exhibition Content and Student Responsibilities

Students are encouraged to accept responsibility for their creative expression, and to consider the impact of this expression on members of the college campus and surrounding communities.

While the School of Art encourages gallery exhibitors to explore their creative and expressive range, and honors and supports freedom of speech, exhibitors must understand that an exhibition in a CSULB School of Art Gallery is subject to and must be in compliance with CSULB Regulations for Campus Activities, Student Organizations, and the University Community.

Additionally, in cases where exhibitions contain potentially disturbing or offensive material, artists are encouraged to consider posting additional signage in consultation with the faculty member and the Graduate Advisor. These consultations must occur before noon on the Friday before the exhibition opening, and for best results should occur at least two weeks before the exhibition opens. The faculty member, Gallery Director, and/or School of Art Director may require the posting of additional signage with wording, design, and placement at their discretion.

The following statement is posted at all gallery entrances. Students are responsible for ensuring that signs can be easily seen by visitors to the gallery. This signage may not be removed, altered, or obscured.

School of Art Student Galleries

The CSULB School of Art Galleries serve as venues for an exhibition program focused on work by current CSULB School of Art students and, occasionally, faculty, staff, alumni, or guest artists.

Exhibitions may provoke diverse responses: wonder, appreciation, confusion, illumination, or irritation. Work may offend some viewers for reasons including nudity, violence, sexual activity or reference to race, religion, or politics. If controversy arises from display of a particular work of art, we welcome public discussion based on the conviction that such debate is an important function of art, particularly in the university context.

Freedom of speech is a constitutional right. We defend both the artists’ right to create such work and the School of Art's right to display it. At the same time, works on display do not represent the views of the School of Art or CSULB.

The artworks, exhibitions, and accompanying statements or texts in these galleries are the expressions and creative/intellectual products of their creators. Permission to photograph or reproduce anything on display in these galleries must be secured from the creator and/or holder of intellectual property rights.

Receptions & Open Hours


Receptions are intended as a time for family and friends to view your work and to celebrate your accomplishments. They are NOT intended to be open parties, “keggers,” or “raves.” Absolutely NO illicit substances are allowed at any time. Full compliance with safety regulations is mandatory.

Alcohol is prohibited at gallery events and openings unless approved by the faculty member, Graduate Advisor, and School of Art Director, and is provided by 49er Catering.

Although music - live or otherwise - is allowed for the reception, it must be agreed upon by ALL the gallery exhibitors. Signatures of all exhibitors must be obtained on a Music Agreement form available in the Student Services Office. If one exhibitor does not want to have music, then there will be no music. Also, please keep in mind that our facilities are adjacent to a residential neighborhood; music (and any other sounds) must be kept low and all activities must end promptly at 7:00 p.m. every day. Any exceptions to this time ceiling must be approved by the Graduate Advisor before the exhibition opens.

Immediately following the reception, all trash, including trash in cans in the gallery courtyard area, must be removed and deposited in the dumpsters adjacent to either FA2 or FA4. The galleries and courtyard should be free of trash and left in a clean and orderly condition.


All exhibitors are required to keep gallery hours of 12:00 noon – 5:00 pm Monday thru Thursday, plus an additional two hours (5-7pm) on Wednesday to accommodate off-campus visitors. You are expected to gallery-sit your own exhibition during these hours in order to provide security for your work and for the gallery, and to be available to talk with students, faculty and staff. In an emergency, you may make arrangements for someone else to sit for you. Each gallery is to be sat by one person unless there is prior written (email) approval by the Gallery Director.

Post-Exhibition Responsibilities

The following is a list of responsibilities that students should observe after an exhibition.

  1. Remove all posted material such as labels and titles.
  2. Return Multimedia Equipment:
    1. Collect remote controls, power supplies, adapters, and any other small parts together, returning them to provided containers as appropriate.
    2. Place TVs in their blankets with the number up so it can be read on check-in.
    3. Return equipment to the Art Print Center by 6:30 PM on de-install day.
  3. Re-paint walls with white paint provided:
    1. Pull nails and spackle the holes:
      1. Pull out nails with the claw end of a hammer or pliers
      2. Apply a small amount of spackle (provided) with putty knife or your finger. Use only enough to fill the hole.
      3. Using a drop cloth to catch the dust, sand the spackle after it dries – usually 10-15 minutes - with sandpaper. DO NOT PAINT UNSANDED SPACKLE!
      4. Sweep and empty the trash in the dumpster in Lot 8A by Ceramics.
    2. Re-paint walls with white paint provided:
      1. Use a brush or roller with GALLERY WHITE PAINT ONLY.
      2. Students are not allowed to paint the walls with any paint other than gallery white paint.
      3. If you have somehow stained a gallery wall or damaged a floor please contact the Gallery Coordinator for instructions on how to proceed. Do not use unapproved solvents or paint.
  4. Clean up the gallery, your tools, and courtyard:
    1. Return ladders, brushes, rollers, trays, putty knives pedestals, tools, etc., to the gallery cart
    2. Sweep up and dispose of gallery/courtyard litter and gallery trash in the dumpsters by Lot 8A. Do not leave the gallery trash cans full and overflowing.
    3. Please leave the gallery in great condition or better than you found it.
  5. Return Gallery Key: Thursday evening or Friday morning by 8 AM. Drop the key in the key drop near the Administrative Office (FA4-106).
    1. Deposit Check: If your gallery was found to be in good condition, you may pick up your Key Deposit check. Deposit checks will NOT be returned if you do not follow these gallery guidelines, including keeping your gallery open during the mandatory times and returning the key on time.

Gallery Floorplans

Drag the image below to your desktop for a printable floor plan.

Art Gallery Floor Plans