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FAQs - Prospective Graduate Students

Q: Is there a fee to apply to the School of Art?
A: No, but there is a fee to apply to CSULB ($70), and applicants must apply to both the School of Art and to CSULB. The fee is payable through the university/Cal State Apply. Both applications must be completed before January 15 for fall admission and October 1 for spring admission.
Q: Is it possible to arrange a tour of the facilities?
A: To see if tours are currently available, please contact the Assistants to the Graduate Advisor at Campus may not be open for tours due to Covid-19.
Q: I am thinking about pursuing graduate education in Museum Studies. What are my options?
A: Please note that the Museum Studies Certificate and the Museum Studies Track will not be accepting applications for fall 2021 Admissions. It is still possible to pursue Museum Studies courses as part of the MA in Art History. The Museum Studies Certificate and Track are likely to reopen in the near future.
Q: Are there teaching opportunities for graduate students in the School of Art?
A: Teaching opportunities are competitive and are usually only given to students after their first year. Within the Art History program, there are opportunities to become part of a teaching team of graduate students, or to gain employment as a grader for a large Art History course. Teaching opportunities generally take two forms for Studio Artists: Teaching Internships and Teaching Associateships. A Teaching Intern is a graduate student who is working closely with a full-time, tenured or tenure track faculty member to learn about teaching a course or courses within the School of Art. Some students who complete the Teaching Internship are invited to become Teaching Associates, and to teach a class of their own within the program where they completed their Teaching Internship.
Q: Are there additional employment opportunities for students at CSULB?
A: The School of Art hires graduate students to work as graders for larger Art History courses, as Teaching Associates in some programs, as assistants in departmental offices, or as other types of assistants to the faculty. Generally these positions are for students who have successfully completed at least a semester of work within their graduate program. Additional competitive funding is available for advanced work with faculty through the Office of Research on campus.
Q: What financial assistance is available for students pursuing a graduate degree at CSULB?
A: Financial Aid information is available through the office of Financial Aid on campus. The School of Art makes recommendations for the highly competitive Graduate Fellowship and for scholarships for continuing students. In addition, out of state students may be eligible for a competitive Out of State Fee Waiver that allows non-California residents to pay in-state tuition. Additional financial assistance may be available.
Q: Are there studios available for MFA Students?
A: Studio spaces are given to most MFA students, though these are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.
Q: Is it possible to take a course in the School of Art if I am not currently a degree-seeking student?
A: Yes, though particular courses may not be accessible due to enrollment or prerequisite issues, and the faculty member must grant permission to students not currently enrolled in a degree program. Contact the College of Professional and International Education for more information on the Open University.