Aaron Holmes

Aaron Holmes is an animator and educator based in Los Angeles. Aaron has been an independent motion graphics designer since 2016. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2018 to pursue stop motion professionally, he’s worked at Open The Portal (Psycho Psalms), Stoopid Buddy (Robot Chicken, Crossing Swords), and on a variety of shorter projects including Katy Perry’s “Cozy Little Christmas” music video. In his personal practice, Aaron is focused on revealing buried metaphors in everyday objects using stop motion and replacement techniques. His replacement animation practice relies heavily on “readymade” animations—sequences in which individual frames represent unique found objects gathered from the world. Experientially, his work confronts velocity, challenges viewers to search for a signal in the noise, and generates alternating states of anxiety and (hopefully!) transcendence. His films have screened at festivals including Animac (Lleida, Spain), Stop Motion Mx (Mexico City), and Mirror Mountain (Ontario).

Professional Portfolio: www.aaronholm.es