MA in Art, Concentration in Art Education

Master of Arts degree in Art with Concentration in Art Education
(code ART_MA01, 32 units)


Please note that the MA in Art with a Concentration in Art Education has been discontinued and is no longer accepting applicants.

In this degree program, the student develops a personalized program of study within established curricular parameters, and with the consultation and approval of the student’s Thesis or Project committee. Students are able to focus on a particular area of concentration, choosing from K-12 education, community based art education, and museum education.


Our MA in Art with Concentration in Art Education is centered on the following goals for student learning outcomes:

  1. Students develop familiarity with the history of art, and art education in particular.
  2. Students become versed in educational philosophy, with emphasis in the philosophies of art education.
  3. Students become versed in a specific area of specialization, such as curricular issues, teaching methodology, assessment factors, multicultural theory, etc.
  4. Students develop advanced abilities in organizing and disseminating data through research, exhibition, or other demonstration of competency.

Average Duration

Graduate degree program duration is contingent upon the number of units completed per semester, and time taken to complete Thesis or Project. The MA degree usually is completed in 4 to 8 semesters.

Art Education Concentration for the MA

32 units of approved graduate and asterisked (*) upper-division units to include:

  • 2 units ART 510 Research in Art Education
  • 6 units ART 601A and 601B Seminar in Art Education
  • 3 units Art 507 Art Education Studio or Art 509 Educational Practices in the Art Museum
  • 3 units EDP 595 Qualitative Research Methods in Education
  • 3 units of graduate level Art History
  • 3 units of approved graduate or upper-division coursework
  • 6 units elective Art, Art Education, or Art History
  • 6 units ART 698A Thesis or Project, with student completing a Thesis, or combination of Project, Project Report and Comprehensive Exam, as culminating experience within degree program.

Advancement to Candidacy is contingent upon satisfactory presentation of the thesis proposal and initial research to the graduate committee, as well as meeting requirements of a conditional acceptance.

At least 23 units, or 70% of the 32 required units must be in 500/600 levels, taken at CSULB. Transfer units are allowed on a case-by-case basis. Additional information, expectations, recommendations and guidelines for each track are included in the "School of Art Graduate Guidelines" given to each student accepted into the MA Art Education Concentration.