Certificate in Museum Studies

Certificate in Museum Studies*

*Please note that the School of Art is not currently accepting applications for the Museum Studies Certificate or the Museum Studies Track. However, Museum Studies courses continue to be available through, and applicable toward, the MA in Art History.  

The Certificate Program in Museum Studies is primarily directed toward graduate students in Art History and the visual arts but does not exclude students in other fields. The specifically tracked course of study has an emphasis placed primarily on contemporary art.

A student may pursue the Certificate Program in Museum Studies as a program of study in itself, or in combination with a program of study directed toward the achievement of one of the department’s degrees (most commonly either in addition to, or as part of the MA in Art History). A student may, with approval of both the Museum Studies Program and the student’s Project or Thesis Committee, count up to 9 units of coursework toward both the degree and the certificate.

Admission to the program is determined by the Museum Studies faculty and the head of the Art History Program. Applicants wishing to pursue the Certificate Program in Museum Studies should submit their Cal State Apply and Slideroom applications by January 15th. Museum Studies applicants choose from the following options:

  1. Pursuing the Certificate in Museum Studies only (18 units)
  2. Pursuing the MA in Art History (with a chosen specialization) plus the Certificate in Museum Studies (36 units from the MA + an additional 9 units = 45 units)
  3. Pursuing Museum Studies as a Specialization within the MA in Art History degree (36 units)

Average Duration: The number of units completed per semester, and the time taken to complete certificate requirements determines program duration and cost of the Certificate in Museum Studies. The stand-alone certificate is usually completed in 3 semesters.

Certificate in Museum Studies (current catalog)

A total of 18 units to include:
  • AH 530 Introduction to Curatorial Practices (3)
  • AH 531 History of Museums and Exhibitions (3)
  • AH 545A Exhibition Practicum (3)
  • AH 545B Exhibition Practicum (3)
  • AH 550 Western Art Theory & Criticism (3)
  • AH 547 Historiography (3) 

SOC codes: Certificate in Museum Studies

Students may pursue the certificate as a 'stand-alone' program as it prepares students for gainful employment in a "recognized occupation." The U.S. Department of Labor Standard Occupational Codes (SOC) for the Museum Studies Certificate are: