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Illustration / Animation

Illustration Program Head: Rick Reese

Animation Program Head: Beomsik Shim

Illustration and animation are graphic theater! Keen observation coupled with a vivid imagination indicates the potential Illustration/Animation student. Our program is founded on drawing from observation, and our graduates work in a variety of fields such as film and entertainment (gaming, animation and live action film), advertising, textiles, biomedical illustration, the gift market, educational illustration, architectural illustration, print publications (newspapers, magazines, graphic novels and books) and more. Many alumni have distinguished themselves in visual journalism, in storyboarding for film and television, and in all aspects of editorial art as well as gallery exhibition.

The BFA Program has two tracks, Illustration and Animation. Students are able to take courses in both tracks, and work together in our digital lab, in addition to learning traditional skills.

Distinguished professionals regularly augment the faculty with workshops and presentations. The resident illustration faculty is comprised of experienced professional artists currently working in the fields of illustration and animation.

The graduate program (MFA/MA) is individualized and dependent on the student’s preparation, interests and talents. This program centers on each student developing a strong personal and independent creative vision. Students in this program will create a focused body of work in the form of an exhibition as the culminating experience of the degree.


Certificate Program in Biomedical Art

The Certificate Program in Biomedical Art is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the Art and Biological Sciences Departments.

Biomedical art is commissioned principally by (1) hospitals or individual researchers for publication, (2) by publishers and film and television producers serving the biomedical professions, (3) by producers of educational aids for biomedicine and courtroom use. Therefore, proficiency in commercial art and digital procedures including basic animation is required.

Special permission is not required for a student to pursue the Certificate in Biomedical Art, however it is only available to students who are presently enrolled in a degree program in the biological sciences or in art at CSULB. Individuals interested in pursuing a graduate degree related to Biomedical Art should apply to the MFA/MA program in Illustration.