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Degree Planner FAQs

Graduating in a timely manner is a top priority at CSULB. The Degree Planner allows undergraduate and select post-baccalaureate students to map out their entire academic path to graduation. If you haven’t already done so, we suggest you begin with our online Video Tutorials to answer any questions you might have about this new planning tool. The information below may also assist you as you explore how the Degree Planner can help construct a timely path to graduation!


Who Has Access to Degree Planner?

Degree Planner is available to all undergraduate and select post-baccalaureate programs. Both students and their advisors have access to the tool.

Will Transfer Credits Appear in Degree Planner?

Degree Planner utilizes the Academic Requirements Report to determine which requirements have already been satisfied. As a result, if transfer credit is posted and meets a requirement, it will also be met in the Planner. If the transfer credit has not been posted yet or if the student plans to take the course elsewhere in the future, the ‘remove’ feature can be used until the official credit is available.

Are Substitutions/Waivers Integrated into Degree Planner?

Degree Planner utilizes the Academic Requirements Report to determine which requirements have already been satisfied. As a result, if a substitution or waiver has been posted the results will also be reflected in the Planner. If the adjustment is not reflected, the remove feature can be used until the official request is processed. The course will appear at the bottom of the page, in case you or your advisor need to move the course back into your plan.  

Should I Use the Degree Planner Report or the ARR?

The Academic Requirements Report (ARR) shows all degree requirements and the student’s status in meeting them. The Degree Planner is a tool which utilizes the Academic Requirements Report to determine what has already been met and assist the student in creating a plan to complete the remaining requirements.

Can I Change My Major/Add a Minor Through Degree Planner?

No, you cannot change your "official" university record through Degree Planner.  You can however see a hypothetical  plan through the "What if?" function.  This allows for you to see a complete degree plan if you were to add a new major or a minor. Please note that the What If  function is only available to undergraduate students. Additionally, undergraduate students can use this same function for certificate programs as well.

Does Degree Planner Account for Changes to Curricula?

Degree Planner will be updated and maintained regularly to reflect curricula changes in degree requirements as approved by the University.

Are You Sure My Plan Will Meet All Degree Requirements?

The Advising Report Planned, available in Degree Planner, shows how the student’s plan will satisfy degree requirements. Once the student or advisor has selected all courses in the degree planner, they should review this report carefully to identify items still marked as ‘unmet’ to ensure the plan adds up. They may be able to easily adjust the plan to ensure all requirements will be met.

Where Can I Get Help?

As always, students should contact their advisor for assistance in understanding degree requirements or with their plan.