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Melissa Mathews

Dr. Melissa Mathews is an assistant professor of public administration in the Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration. Dr. Mathews’s research agenda, teaching interests, and service commitments are motivated by her experiences in professional practice. She has led nonprofit organizations as an executive director for more than ten years, conducted workshops for nonprofit boards and staff, and she continues to provide consulting support to inform nonprofit governance and management practices.


Ph.D., Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, University of Minnesota

M.P.A., Master of Public Affairs, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

Research Interests

Dr. Mathews’s research contributes to and is informed by nonprofit theory and practice, civic engagement and public participation, and the nonprofit sector and civil society. Her research examines the governance and management of nonprofit organizations with a focus on board and executive director dynamics, and the role of nonprofit organizations in fostering civic participation. Dr. Mathews also analyzes the extent that nonprofit organizations enact governance processes that promote democratic governance.


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