What will happen to the Prospector Pete statue?

The university wants to preserve its history and pay homage to its Gold Rush roots, so the 51-year-old statue will be moved to another location on campus dedicated to our alumni.

Why is the university moving the statue?

Many associate a prospector with the genocide that prospectors inflicted upon indigenous peoples during the California Gold Rush. The campus is the location of the Puvungna village once populated by the indigenous Tongva people.

Why is the mascot a 49er prospector?

The college was founded in 1949, and that eventually was shortened to ’49, which when turned into a noun is ‘49er. A 49er typically is personified as a prospector. While the 49er mascot is officially being retired, the university and its Alumni Association plans to honor the year 1949 in future programs and events known as Founders Day, Established in 1949.

Will the university select a new mascot?

Whether the university will select a new mascot has not been decided, but you could help with that decision by joining the conversation. The issue will be a topic during the Imagine Beach 2030 event Nov. 14-15.