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Long Beach City College Sign

1949: Los Angeles-Orange County State College opened its doors with 160 students.

1950: Nine months after opening, the college changed its name to Long Beach State College.

1950: Then-student body president Bill O’Neill gave the school its Gold Rush theme and adopted brown and gold as the school colors.

1950: Student Isabel Patterson, who later taught at the college, decreed the school nickname the 49ers.

Men's basketball team

1951: Men’s basketball became the college’s first athletic team.

1967: Then-President Carl W. McIntosh unveiled a bronze statue of a prospector that was sculpted by student Ben Barker. The statue later was named “Prospector Pete.”

1970s: Looking for something new to protest after the Vietnam War, students focused on the image of a prospector situated on tribal land.

2014: Athletics dropped the 49ers mascot and nickname.

"Blind to History" event on campus

2014:  A yellow blindfold was first placed on the eyes of Prospector Pete as part of “Blind to History” and yellow flags placed near the statue as part of an annual installation that represent the deaths of more than 130,000 indigenous Californians between 1846 and 1900.

2018:  ASI voted to disassociate from the Gold Rush era and retire the image of Prospector Pete.