Visitor Parking

Please remember that paid parking is required at all times when parking on CSULB campus.

Visitors may purchase parking and then park in General (G) Lots including the three parking structures or in Short-Term parking spaces. Visitors may also choose to purchase parking in Employee (E) Lots after 5:30 p.m. and all day on weekends. Please visit the campus map to view all available parking locations.

CSULB uses the License Plate Recognition (LPR), a paperless permitting system. Your license plate number is needed when purchasing parking. Please have your license plate information with you prior to leaving your vehicle. 


Visitor Information Center (VIC) is located on Beach Drive just east of Bellflower Blvd. The VIC provides assistance with maps, directions, accessible parking information, popular locations on campus, pre-arranged guest services and emeritus parking assistance.

Individuals may purchase Daily or Short-Term parking from the parking pay stations located within each parking area. All parking pay stations on campus do not accept cash. Please pay with either a credit card or debit card. If you wish to pay with cash, please visit the VIC or Parking Office during their normal business hours. No refunds are provided for Daily or Short-Term parking purchases and all transactions are final.

Daily Parking

Individuals can choose to purchase parking for the day. Daily parking is valid in all lots designated as General Parking unless the space is otherwise restricted with posted signage. Daily parking is also allowed in Employee (E) Lots designated after 5:30 p.m., and all day on the weekends. Daily parking expires at 11:59 p.m. on the date purchased.

Short-Term Parking

Short-Term parking is available in select areas on campus (G1, G4, G5, G10, G11, G12, G15, E1, E5, E6, State University Drive and the South Turnaround). Please review the campus map for all Short-Term parking locations. Short-Term virtual permits are valid only within the lot where they are purchased and cannot be transferred to other Short-Term parking locations.

Daily and Short-Term parking may also be purchased remotely via the Parkmobile App. Parkmobile is a convenient service that provides countdown reminders and the ability to extend your purchase via your mobile device. Download the Parkmobile App on your Android or iPhone device. 

Short-Term and Daily Parking Prices (effective July 1, 2022)
Time Price

30 minutes

1 hour

90 minutes






Monthly parking is available at various rates to those who qualify for Community permits, Activity permits, or LifeFit gym members. Please review the Community Parking Request Form [PDF] for fee and permit restriction information. Qualified individuals will bring the completed form along with a valid drivers license to the Cashiers Office (BH 148) during normal business hours.

Campus Events

Please purchase parking from the ParkMobile app as posted on signs within each lot, or from a parking pay station in the lot in which you just parked. Daily parking permits are only valid in the lot in which they are purchased. Annual, academic year, and semester virtual permits are valid during campus events; therefore, no additional parking fees are necessary if you are already in possession of a student or employee virtual permit.

Official Guest of the University

If you are an invited guest of the university, your hosting department will provide parking instructions, permit procedures, and campus directions as necessary. If no instructions are provided, you will be required to purchase parking when you arrive on campus. You may purchase parking from patron parking staff at the entrance to the event parking lot or from a parking pay station within the lot if no staff is present.

Accessible parking spaces are located throughout campus. Please visit the campus map to view all accessible parking locations. Simply hold your cursor over each lot to view the number of accessible parking spaces within each lot. Visitors requiring accessible parking may park in General Parking lot spaces and any Accessible Parking space with the purchase of a daily virtual permit along with displaying the required DMV placard or plate.

A visitor requiring accessible parking options may also park in paid, Short-Term parking spaces without payment as long as you display a DMV-issued, Disabled Persons placard or similar distinguishing license plate. Visitors requiring accessible parking options may also visit the Visitor Information Center (VIC) during normal business hours to obtain a daily permit at no charge. Paid parking is required at all times when parking on campus, including accessible parking stalls (California Vehicle Code 22511.5).

Campus Events

Visitors requiring accessible parking must also pay the patron parking fee when attending campus events, Title 5 Article 7 42200(a)(1) and Subsection 42201(a) California Code of Regulations. Visitors must display a Disabled Persons placard or distinguishing license plate along with the valid form of paid parking if utilizing an accessible parking space on campus. Parking may be purchased from patron parking staff at the entrance to event parking lots or from a parking pay station if no staff is present.

CSULB has an Amazon Locker pick-up location. Amazon At The Beach is located at the University Bookstore on the south side of the building, facing Lot E10. There are four, 5-minute parking spaces for Amazon customers located in the 49er Shop parking lot. For hours, maps and directions, please visit the Amazon@TheBeach webpage.