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Parking Program Changes FY 2017/18

Bus and Shuttle Detours

Due to ongoing construction at the West Campus Circle, Long Beach Transit buses and CSULB shuttles will follow specific detour routes around this area. Additionally, an Express Shuttle will be added to expedite passengers to/from their South Campus destinations. Please visit the campus shuttle and bus webpages for detailed information.  

Shuttle ID requirement

Starting on August 19, 2017, shuttle riders will be asked to present university ID when boarding CSULB shuttles. This new requirement is designed to increase passenger safety and maximize shuttle capacity during times of peak travel. The campus ID requirement will apply to both on and off-campus shuttle routes. For additional information, please visit the shuttle webpage.

Solar Panels and EV Chargers

CSULB will be installing solar-generating, shade-producing carports this summer in E8, G6, G7, G8, & G9  that will be available in Fall 2017. These solar panels will create shade for vehicles, produce clean energy to support additional EV Charging Stations being installed in E2, E5, E8, G6, G7, G8, & G9 this allows us to get one step closer to our Climate Action Plan goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Contrary to what many might assume, this exciting clean energy project is being financed by a 3rd party without any funding from parking permit sales or student fees.

Parkmobile App

Individuals are now able to purchase Short-Term parking via their smartphones and can even add time to their parking purchases remotely from anywhere on campus. This service is hosted by Parkmobile, a free mobile app (a small fee applies per transaction). For additional information, please visit our Parkmobile FAQ.

New TAP sticker

TAP cards will soon be replaced by a small TAP sticker that will be placed on the back of your CSULB ID card. TAP stickers eliminate the need to keep and carry an additional card to take advantage of TAP services. The sticker will be issued in lieu of the physical TAP cards starting in fall 2017. Current TAP cards will still remain active; however, no new TAP Cards will be issued after summer 2017. For more information, please visit the bus webpage.

E10 now open at 5:30 p.m.

Beginning finals week of Spring Semester 2017, E10  will open for General/Student parking at 5:30 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. All other Restricted areas on campus are already open to General/Student parking at 5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, and all day on weekends.

Parking Gates Removed

The remaining two parking gates in E6 and E10 will be removed during summer 2017. This will enhance campus safety by reducing traffic blockages and road congestion that often occurs at the entrance to gated areas. This change will also improve access to these parking lots including the daytime access to two, time-limited Amazon@TheBeach parking spaces located in E10. 

Parking Fees

Effective July 1, 2017, a number of different groups on campus will experience an increase in the cost of CSULB parking privileges.

This increase is designed to adequately match parking fees to parking program costs while at the same time establishing price points that encourage the use of sustainable transportation options that reduce parking demand on campus. The fee increase will be spread across a four-year period in order to minimize impact. A comprehensive list of all adjustment amounts and affected permit classification can be viewed at the CSULB Annual Parking Rate Table.

Parking Signage & Wayfinding Project

All parking lots will be renamed in 2018 as part of a campus-wide signage and wayfinding improvement project. This project will introduce an improved naming convention for all parking, upgraded sign infrastructure, and will soon present a uniformed and cohesive wayfinding experience. The naming convention will add “G” for General and “E” for Employee before the number of each lot and will renumber all parking in a logical order. This project aims to reduce driver confusion, improve campus navigation, and enhance both vehicle and pedestrian wayfinding on campus. 

Vehicles per Virtual Permit

Based on current year history, we will be refining different processes regarding LPR including the number of vehicles allowed to be associated with each virtual permit. More information will be announced during Fall Semester 2017.

CSULB Parking on Social Media

You can also get the latest information regarding any CSULB parking changes, permit information and our many free sustainable transportation options by following @CSULB_Parking on Twitter and Instagram. For additional questions on any of our new services or program changes, please contact the Parking & Transportation office at 562.985.8292 or