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Accessible Parking

Accessible parking spaces are noted on the campus map. Simply hold your cursor over each lot to view the number of accessible parking spaces located within that lot.


A disabled person or disabled veteran visiting campus is allowed to park in any paid Short-Term parking space without payment as long as they have a valid, DMV-issued Disabled Persons placard or distinguishing license plate displayed. Disabled visitors are not allowed to park in employee spaces.

Disabled visitors may park in General Parking spaces and Disabled Parking spaces if they purchase Daily parking along with displaying the required DMV placard or plate. They may also visit the Visitor Information Center (VIC) during normal business hours to obtain a daily permit at no charge. A valid CSULB virtual permit is required at all times when parking on campus, including accessible parking stalls (California Vehicle Code 22511.5).

Visitors during Special Events

Visitors with disabilities must also pay the requisite parking fee when attending special events, provided Parking and Transportation Services has taken control of the parking lot for event facilitation and services Title 5 Article 7 42200(a)(1) and Subsection 42201(a) California Code of Regulations. Visitors must also display a Disabled Persons placard or distinguishing license plate in conjunction with a valid form of CSULB paid parking if utilizing accessible parking spaces. Parking may be purchased from patron parking staff at the lot entrance or from a parking pay station, if no staff is present.